Population expert Bob Birrell warns social harmony at risk with over population

In a recent article in the Daily Mail Australia, Birrell claimed that few migrants were filling the vacancies for plumbers, electricians and builders. The vast majority of skilled visa recipients were in fields that were already oversupplied. An example is the information technology industry. More than 5000 immigrants were granted visa on account of their IT skills despite the shortage of jobs in the field.
The treasury, the Reserve Bank and much of the big end of town understands that population growth is the most important overall factor in driving our GDP . . .
More detail from Bob Birrell’s interview can be found at the link below. Successful Aussie businessman Dick Smith was also cited (via video) on the same page for his stance on population.
Social Harmony at Risk
Burrell believes that social harmony is at risk due to out of control population growth. And the sociologist was critical of all sides of politics saying, “The Coalition, Labor and the Greens effectively have prioritised these ends above the concerns of Australians living in the metropolitan areas.”
Find more on Australian population at The Australian Population Research Institute.


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