Mark Dice Does Oz

Popular American YouTuber Mark Dice has featured Aussie communist propaganda outlet the ABC (funded by you) in two of his most recent uploads.

Dice focused on purple haired, author and educator Deanne Carson in one video, whilst in the other he narrated over the top of the now infamous ‘white privilege’ video created by ABC’s ME channel.

Though Carson was given a platform on ABC News, the Body Safety Australia CEO copped a stinging backlash from the public and media outlets not fully aligned with Marxist #GroupThink. In his clip Dice makes his always hilarious facial expressions as Carson spews her drivel, “If you leave a space and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact, than you’re letting that child know that their response matters.”

Dice laughs and says, “If a girl has purple hair, and she’s in her twenties or older, it’s a pretty sure sign that she’s a lunatic.” That video titled It’s Getting Worse then goes on to explore gender identity issues being imposed on children in the UK and the USA. There have already been more than 327,000 views of It’s Getting Worse.

In his narration of the ‘privilege’ video it becomes clear that Dice had a misguided belief about Australia – common among Americans – that we’re a bastion of masculinity, unsullied by the modern feminist (angry lesbians) movement.

Dice, a man of empathy was obviously saddened by the fall of Oz, and made it clear with his statement, “My heart goes out to you Australia. I always thought your country was pretty cool.”

Dice went on to mention that the ABC received a lot of negative press over the video but their response was to then publish another horrific rap. The theme of that video was internet trolling. Of course the villain in that animation was ‘Kevin’ a white guy. One lyric targeted the 4chan website, “His life hasn’t turned out as he’d planned, so he spends all his time posting on 4chan,” the weirdos sing.

It would be great if the backlash actually resulted in something significant. It should be said though that the communist propaganda outlet that is the ABC was recently told it would not be receiving any increase in public funding under the Liberal-National government. True progress would only be made if the communist congregation was totally closed and unfunded.




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