Chinese Communist Party Influence Growing in Australia

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 11.38.44 pm
John Ashe – United Nations

Chau Chak Wing was named by Liberal MP Andrew Hastie as the funder of a $200,000 bribe to former United Nations President of General Assembly John Ashe. Until now the Australian citizen of Chinese birth was unnamed, but former SAS officer turned Western Australian MP Andrew Hastie named and shamed the communist infiltrator using parliamentary privilege today.

The link directly to Australia is the fact that Chau Chak Wing is a prominent donor to both of Australia’s major political parties, The Australian Labor Party (left wing) and the Liberal Party of Australia (conservative?). The 64 year old has also provided $20m finance for a building at the University of Technology, in Sydney. Not happy with that Chau Chak Wing generously donated $15m to the University of Sydney for a new museum.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 11.31.30 pm
Chau donating millions for Australia’s benefit. Lol.

Of course Chau Chak Wing refutes any links to the Chinese Communist Party and just like all political donors throughout the world, he doesn’t expect anything in return for his charitable contributions to Australian politics.

Despite his denials Chau Chak Wing (aka Zhou Zerong) has been linked to the United Front group of China, a known arm of the ruling Chinese Communist Party. United Front’s purpose is to assist in building, “the most extensive patriotic united front in the new era,” Chinese President Xi Jinping said. In short, the front is looking to shape attitudes in a way that favours China’s foreign interests. Detailing just how that extensive patriotic front would be nurtured, the president indicated it would use overseas Chinese nationals and returning Chinese along with their relatives.

Today (22/5/2018) Senator Hastie linked Chau Chak Wing to the United Front group through his chairmanship of the Guandong Overseas Businessman’s Association. At the founding meeting of the association in 2007, there were a number of Chinese Communist Party figures, including the director of the United Front group.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 11.21.11 pm
Chau centre, with son Eric Chow and daughter Winky Chow, doing business.

The ‘cunning’ philanthropist has links to Australian politicians as far back as 2004 when his daughter was hired by NSW Premier Bob Carr. Later that year Carr was on hand to launch Chau’s Sydney based Chinese language newspaper Australian News Express Daily  Since then Chau is known to have had meetings with the likes of foreign minister Alexander Downer, ‘defence’ minister Brendan Nelson in 2007, in 2014 he attended a meeting between former PM John Howard and Communist Party leader Xi, Jinping.

In comments that will reverberate in China, Hastie began his powerful speech by announcing, “In Australia it is clear that the Chinese Communist Party is working to covertly interfere with our media, our universities and also influence our political processes and public debates.”

The gloves are off in the war against Communism and its none too subtle influence in western politics and culture.

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