Foley’s “White Flight” Comment Draws Usual Hysteria From Politicians

New South Wales Opposition leader Luke Foley is now caught in the eye of the ‘racism hysteria’ that is now cliche whenever a white westerner mentions a problem with immigration. To be sure, Foley used the term ‘white flight’ to describe the well known phenomenon currently gripping Sydney and Melbourne, that sees white Australians fleeing suburbs now full of immigrants unwilling to integrate.

Foley cowered into an apology after the hysteria set in. Later he said ‘white flight’ was an academic term, but it was, “offensive to many.” He added, “I apologise and will not use that phrase again.”

Those like myself who have left one of the suburbs Foley directly referred to know that the truth on this issue is one that current politicians are just too scared to talk about. From left wing to conservative, politicians here in Australia are too invested in the benefits of immigration (all for the wealthy) and are often overseeing constituencies brimming with particular ethnic groups.

In a sure sign that Australia faces a fate like that of most parts of western Europe, it was the ‘conservative’ party (Liberal Party of Australia) that jumped on Foley for using the term. State Premier Gladys Berejiklian claimed that Foley’s language was “desperate and inflammatory,” adding that it was, “deeply divisive, dangerous and nasty.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 11.14.37 pm
Deputy NSW Premier (battling) John Barilaro

Then Deputy Premier John Barilaro added his two cents worth of victimhood blended with virtue signalling. “We were ridiculed for, for the food we ate, salami bread, we were called daigos or wogs. You know what, I thought we beyond that time, that we were beyond that time of racism. But today the leader of the opposition using the word white flight, using the word white flight . . .”

Truly pathetic. But that’s where we are in politics across the western world.

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