Robinson Charged With ‘Breach of Peace’ While Filming Outside Court

British sovereignty activist Tommy Robinson has been arrested for ‘breaching the peace’ outside a Leeds court in England. British police now an arm of the corrupt anti nation state globalist agenda, claimed that Robinson’s video broadcasting from outside the courthouse constituted a ‘breach of peace’.

When he was approached by police, Robinson assumed they were on hand to charge him with contempt of court – situations where justice is impeded or prejudiced – but when they notified him it was a ‘breach of peace’ charge, the activist was stunned (link has shocking video).

Breach of peace in the modern UK (Orwellian times) means ‘harm which was actually done or likely to be done to a person or, in his/her presence, their property’. The whole incident was recorded by Robinson and his crew.

During the arrest the activist is heard asking associates, “Can you get me a solicitor?” It’s likely this incident will see Robinson locked up as he was already on a suspended sentence for ‘contempt of court’. In today’s incident Robinson was reporting on the court hearing of the muslim grooming gangs, allegedly responsible for the systematic rape of over 1400 English girls and women.

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