Take Your Child Out Of School This Reconciliation Week

Another week of ‘white guilt‘ coming at you, courtesy of the virtue signalling predominantly one-eighth blood aborigines who man the Reconciliation Australia council.

This week kicks off with an advertisement using your tax dollars aimed at making you feel guilty for not knowing much about Australian aboriginal culture. The ad’ titled ‘Don’t Keep History a Mystery’ is the type of indoctrination that will be painted all over your children’s school halls and classrooms.

The propaganda piece starts out with the protagonist stating, “I’m just your average Australian, doing average Australian things like watching Australian Football . . . ” then it descends into myth and guilt.

As the commercial proceeds, a cast of extras give us morsels of knowledge such as, “We’ve got the longest surviving culture on earth.” If that was true, why do white Australians hear endless claims of genocide and loss of aboriginal culture?

Next the ad’ claims that aboriginals are just your average warriors, average bakers and most remarkably that kooris are the “first ever Aussie footballers.” The notion of first must be in line with the historical revisionism that nominates hundreds of disparate aboriginal tribes without so much as a flag, or head of state, as the First Australians. That is the only means imaginable that aboriginal Australians could be recognised as the “first ever Aussie footballers.”

And if you do ascribe to that notion, you are saying that the others that currently inhabit this continent are not Australians as the others that I talk of were playing football before aboriginal Australians were.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 8.42.52 pm
Social Justice Warriors in Reconciliation Week Commercial

The ‘white guilt’ kicks in at about the forty second mark with two ‘boomer aged’ social justice warriors lecturing, “It’s a culture that’s survived centuries of pretty average treatment, something that one in three Australians don’t accept.” Nice.

The prolonged campaign of guilt that is being perpetrated on white Australians has me wondering, is there ever going to be reconciliation?

Are we ever going to be able to mend the bridges? How can we right the wrongs of 230 years ago? Will we end up just like South Africa, with land being taken off white Australians without compensation?

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 8.41.05 pm

The truth is that many lies are being told to your children in schools. These lies have them believing that they and their ancestors are inherently bad and cruel. All this while the Reconciliation Australia website celebrates the efforts of murderous bandit Pemulwuy.

If we are going to be serious about reconciliation, let’s be honest. That means the spokesmen and women for Reconciliation need to accept some inconvenient truths. Namely, aboriginal tribes were thousands of years behind the civilised world. There was no Australia before white settlers, as the aborigines lived in disparate tribes, speaking different languages and even practising different customs. Australian aboriginals tribes had barbaric and inhumane customs such as their circumcision/initiation procedure.

Do your children a favour this Reconciliation Week. Remove them from school and send a message to an unrepresentative government that continues to practise ideological subversion on our young.


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