Filthy Rich Bob Carr In Bed With Communists

Former NSW Premier (State leader) Bob Carr is now in a cushy role as Director of the Australia-China Relations Institute. Carr was interviewed by Ben Fordham of 2GB regarding China’s recent visa denials of five Australian journalists and a string of other undesirable incidents.

Throughout the interview the former state leader regularly cited Australia’s need to profit off China’s growing economy and middle class population. Carr tried to throw listeners off his pungent communist scent by stating that the man who funded the creation of the Australia-China Relations Institute was no longer involved. Huang Xiangmo was subject of an ASIO investigation and is suspected of being in the employ of the Chinese Communist Party.

Carr wouldn’t dare to comment on the questions around the journalists being banned from entering China. And Carr quickly painted his critics – one Clive Hamilton author of Silent Invasion – with the usual xenophobe and zealots slurs. The wealthy former politician was implying racism on the part of his critics, but this tool of the left has now become cliche.

The facts are that Carr and many current politicians are being courted by the hardline Communist Chinese government. The Australian public will not be fooled into believing that Carr and co. are not in a reciprocal relationship with their Chinese benefactors. ‘Beijing Bob’ may be comfortable making money while selling out Australia, but some people still consider Australia a sovereign nation with its own set of values. Values that stand in strong contrast to those of a communist nation.

Link to full 2GB Radio interview here:



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