Alex Jones Warns False Flag Attack Imminent

Free speech activist and self confessed ‘classical liberal’ Alex Jones is warning of an imminent false flag event. The InfoWars website creator has been forced off large and popular internet social media platforms, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Spotify, and now Twitter. Jones and Infowars co-host Roger Stone anticipate that the sudden removal of Infowars content from facebook, YouTube etc. was the result of lobbying from big tech and big media who know their power to influence is under threat.

InfoWars has eaten away at mainstream media’s stranglehold on public influence over the past 5-10 years. Due to this Jones has been demonised and portrayed as nothing more than a conspiracy theorist, who ferments hate, while using his platform to sell health supplements.

Big tech has claimed that Jones uses ‘hate speech’ and that this conduct is contrary to their terms of service, thus allowing them to suspend or ban him from their platforms. A facebook representative said, “We have taken it down for glorifying violence … and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants . . .” The move appears to have backfired though with the InfoWars website receiving record traffic and InfoWars product sales up 300 percent.

With this latest development Jones and Stone took to the internet to warn of a likely false flag event being carried out by deep state forces. Jones made a clear statement on his live show on 16th August, 2018 disavowing any “offensive violence.” Jones also drew parallels to the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh with the current situation. “They are clearly preparing some big event like Oklahoma City against mainstream media, big tech, or the government, to demonise their opposition like they did in 1995. Bill Clinton credited his come from behind win of the presidency in 1996 to Oklahoma City on Air Force One to the press . . .”

Later Roger Stone broke down the false flag process. “They take things you say, they distort them . . . then they use them as the basis for phoney harassment, but expensive lawsuits. Then they file those lawsuits to generate headlines.” After that they use the bogus headlines as an excuse to take InfoWars off the air, breaking communication between InfoWars and the public. Then any ensuing violence will be blamed on InfoWars and the organisation will have no means of defending itself via public discourse. Instead mainstream media will dictate the narrative and portray Jones and InfoWars as war mongering lunatics or whatever suits the specific detail of the false flag event.

While the Kookaburra does not agree with everything that Alex Jones says, or his methods, the Kookaburra laughs at mainstream media, and definitely doesn’t believe everything on the 6 o’clock news.

Enjoy one of Alex Jones’s more entertaining moments when he debated Briton Piers Morgan on the gun control matter.


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