Men Not Wanted By Newcastle Tram Operator Keolis Downer

Despite the feminist movement having won gains in Australia as far back as 1895 there is still a dogma surrounding any desirable workplace that isn’t saturated with women, or at least in equilibrium. To this point another example of feminist overreach has reared its beastly head.

The progressive left wing satellite city of Newcastle in Australia will soon be home to a light rail network. The light rail network operator Keolis Downer has made clear its sexist hiring policies. In an article from Fairfax’s Newcastle Herald not directly quoted to any Keolis representative it was said that women, “drive the vehicles with a lighter touch, making for a smoother ride for passengers. Careful driving also saved on maintenance costs because of less wear-and-tear on the vehicles.” Knowing the above generalisation is obvious discrimination against men is probably why the comments weren’t quoted. Put simply it implies that all men are ‘lead footed‘ and all women are extra careful, skilful vehicle operators.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.04.39 pm
Newcastle Light Rail – trial run September 2018

Later the Herald quoted Keolis Downer corporate affairs director Andrew Feltcher saying, “We want to tackle the shortage of women in non-traditional roles such as tram drivers and operational control staff to show the public transport industry is not just welcoming to women, but needs their skills.” The virtue signalling effort was lapped up by lefty loveys The Newcastle Herald, and no mention was made of the abhorrent sexism being displayed by the multi national.

Perhaps Keolis Downer or the Newcastle Herald could investigate industries dominated by women such as education and healthcare/social assistance. Perhaps there could be a program that actually brings men into educational occupations rather than just tabloid headlines crying out for male teachers in our primary schools very three or four years. Perhaps the gender pay gap propagandists could encourage women into the construction, manufacturing or utilities industries rather than just plugging for women as CEO’s. But that would expose women to the substantially higher workplace death rates (97% male) that men experience.

Returning to the Newcastle light rail, please be sure to revisit Conservative Kookaburra around March 2019 when the light rail commences operation. Between now and then feel free to guess what the inaugural tram driver looks like.

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