ABC Communist Crowd Get Out To Protest Against Horse Race

If you hadn’t heard of The Everest horse race before this week, now you do. The left and the collective dregs of Sydney, be they the local branch of the communist party or those drug addicted lifetime students from your nearest university, awoke from their hibernation for another George Soros funded get-together. Last night Australia’s Communist Left tried but failed to stop the Sydney Opera House light-show promoting The Everest horse race.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 12.44.16 am
The offensive light show on Sydney Opera House 

The light-show was scheduled to promote the race and to attract more people to Sydney via raising awareness of the event. The images beamed onto the Opera House sails included jockey’s silks replications, The Everest trophy, and a number. The controversy around the display began last week when popular conservative radio talkback show host Alan Jones declared his support for the light-show. At the time the debate about whether a light-show displaying content promoting horse racing (as the left sees it: horse racing = gambling = addicted gamblers) was fit for the Sydney Opera House was still taking place.

The mere fact that Alan Jones, Australia’s number one talkback radio host, and an individual with more conservative values than most in the media, supported the light-show was enough to get the rabid left and inner city commies out onto the Sydney Harbour foreshore for a night of howling at the moon. They came with their torches and their hastily prepared cardboard protest signs. They weren’t having their Opera House sails soiled by gambling. They proudly declared “sails not for sale” (clever actually). One drugged out loon from the twitterverse twat:

We didn’t stop it but we sure as hell made a point. With more than a few days to organise, maybe the outcome would’ve been different. Well done to everyone who stood up for our beautiful Opera House. (AmeliaVBrock) 

Another twitter account titled teakingw declared The Everest ‘the race that divides the nation’ 

At the end of the day the uproar over the light display and the efforts of Alan Jones have given the race a huge boost and resulted in additional advertising which will draw more racegoers and more punter dollars. And we all know that will give the communists nightmares because they can’t stand Australians having a choice of how and where they spend their money.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 1.26.09 am
Surry Hills Branch of Australian Communists protest The Everest.

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