LQBTQ Communists Now Set Sights On Japan

Japan is now undergoing the same political and cultural infiltration by divisive Communists as western nations. Often posing as humanitarians the Communists have taken control of a number of prominent media publications and seek to divide Japan with identity politics espoused by the Frankfurt School Marxists.

A quick scan through Japan Today (news website) and you will find countless articles sympathetic to LGBTQ issues and even promoting the cause of long time combatants China. The infiltration of media is not the only area of Japanese society contaminated by the germ of Communists though. A recent bout of wrong think was committed by a member of the governing LDP and she was roundly criticised by her own party – the supposed conservative party of Japan.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.29.19 pm
Sugita seen with PM Shinzo Abe in July, 2018.

Mio Sugita a junior member of the LDP had been quoted as saying large sums of taxpayer money should not be spent on queers and weirdos as, “these men and women don’t bear children — in other words, they are ‘unproductive.’” Defying her junior rank she went further by adding, “A society deprived of ‘common sense’ and ‘normalcy’ is destined to lose ‘order’ and eventually collapse. I don’t want Japan to be a society like this.” Sugita has obviously done some reading on the deconstructive efforts of cultural Marxists from the aforementioned Frankfurt School. Nevertheless, the LDP followed the same cowardly habits of western governments in cowering to boisterous demands from the gay and sexually perverted community. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was pressed on the matter and remarked, “it’s only natural to aim at a society where human rights are respected and diversity is cherished.” Sugita was also given advice to be “very careful” with her opinions on queers.

Another article appearing in Japan Today titled Global Backlash Against Gay Conversion Therapy  (already removed from site but still found on Reuters) slandered the use of corrective psychology to thwart the spread of gayness. One of the quoted experts on the subject comparing conversion therapy to internment camps. Lol.

Then there was this sick piece bemoaning the fact that “. . . white, straight, able-bodied men . . .” (article now removed from Japan Today) dominated the casts of the most popular movies. The story poured more bile onto the film industry for not having enough gay women citing a statistic that of the Top 100 Box Office films, 94 were absent of an LGBT woman. [They actually keep tabs on this]

Finally, and not making their attitudes toward Communism obvious enough, Japan Today (article now removed) used results from a survey to claim Chinese people just love their Japanese neighbours. The survey claimed over 40% of Chinese have a “positive impression of Japan.” The story built off the research of two Non Profit Organisations (alarm bells ringing now) from China and Japan, is an attempt to convince the Japanese public of the inherent goodness of the Communist Chinese Government, despite the repeated claims for a Japanese held island, incursions into Japanese waters and non stop badgering about wartime incidents by China.

While most of these stories are just bought from large organisations like Associated Press (AP) and Reuters, then placed on English speaking Japanese media, it must be remembered that LDP politician Sugita was slapped down by her seniors and over at the leftist Asahi Shinbun her story was given the same biased coverage. Asahi Shinbun is a bilingual publication with Japanese and English coverage. The proliferation of pro Chinese stories also provides evidence of the Marxist method of ideological subversion. By dividing the Japanese people into various minorities (gay, bisexual, transgender, indigenous Ainu, Okinawan separatist, immigrant) the Marxists will eventually convince native Japanese the only way ahead is an overly surveilled Communist state.

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