Australian History: The Truth

Yes in celebration of Australia Day 2019 Big Kooka produced an accurate video, depicting Australia’s history up until the arrival of Arthur Phillip and the British settlers.

The video is now available at YouTube and gives attention to the now little discussed Joseph Birdsell Tri-Hybrid Theory of aboriginal migration to the continent. There is also plenty of exposure given to some of the Dutch East India Company’s shipwrecks on the West Australian coast.  The mysterious fate of the Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon) is one that perplexes historians to this day. It’s most likely that the 68 survivors were killed by savage and racist aboriginal tribes before rescue ships turned up more than 3 months later.

Please do your best to get this wonderful and eye opening history of Australia video into the trending lists as YouTube does it’s best to silence alternative voices to the mainstream narrative.

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