Is Joe Rogan A Sellout or Just A Dumb Drug Addict?

Joe Rogan the popular youtube telecaster from the U.S. has disappointed his legion of fans by conducting a warm and fuzzy interview with Twitter boss Jack Dorsey.

Rogan has been slammed by many on the right as his interview failed to press Dorsey on many of the hypocritical positions adopted by the failing social media platform. Over the years Twitter has earned the reputation of being a place for ultra-left-regressive ideologies to flourish and be normalised, whilst those promoting traditional values are quickly silenced. Silencing takes the form of temporary suspensions where the user must confess their sins and delete a tweet (comment) deemed offensive, or permanent bans from which there is no coming back.

During the interview Dorsey said, “We have to pay attention to folks who are using twitter to shut down the voices of others . . . and we also have to pay attention to where people are using it that put other folks in physical danger.(51mins) This was hypocrisy at its most blatant. If Dorsey was true to his word former Hollywood celebrity and now exiled harridan Kathy Griffin called would be banned or at the least suspended for her recent comments calling for I.D. and addresses of children so they could be shamed.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 2.30.27 pm
Kathy Griffin’s twitter comments calling for I.D. and address for public shaming of children.

Then there were also these comments from the Uncle Shoes account, an account followed by former president Barry Obama. Uncle Shoes is a music related celebrity in the U.S. whom is insignificant in Australia.


Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 2.34.01 pm
Twitter account followed by Obama calls for killing of families.

Despite Dorsey’s statement about physical harm Rogan did not raise the case of the Covington Catholic School kids who had been targeted for doxing and threats of violence by many on Twitter including the celebrities above. What was wrong with Rogan? Was he actually listening?

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 3.00.30 pm
Jack Dorsey – globalist and boss of Twitter

Additionally there was the case of the banning of Alex Jones (InfoWars host and founder). In discussion about this famous case of exclusion from the social media platform, Dorsey unbelievably claimed, “Aah, I’m not, Im not sure what the, what the the actual violations were.” (49mins)

Again Rogan just moved on to the next case of quasi censorship when Patreon banned  Sargon of Akkad. It was either spineless journalism by Rogan or ineptitude. To be fair many have commented on the confessed drug addict’s lack of intelligence but for many viewers, this was just too obvious.

Days later Rogan in damage control made an apology to his fans after receiving overwhelmingly bad reviews. He and Dorsey are  now pencilled in for another interview  where Rogan is promising to ask questions that fans want asked.

On a different note the recreational drug advocate gave the impression he had a bizarre man-crush on former U.S. president Barry Obama. This quote from his Dorsey interview where the two reminisced over their globalist buddy.

“One of the things about Obama, like Obama or hate Obama. He was very measured, very articulate. Obviously very well educated. And I think that, that aspect of his presidency was very good for all of us. Because he represented something, that was of a very high standard. In terms of his ability to communicate, his access to words, the way, the way he measured his words, and held himself, I think that, that’s good for us . . . (56mins)

Obviously Joe hasn’t seen little Barry without the teleprompter.

For further analysis of Rogan’s interview with Jack Dorsey try the links below. This option for Vincent James of Red Elephants channel or the hilarious Mark Dice here. Make up your own mind: Is Joe Rogan a sellout (pandering to the whims of globalists)? Or is he just a low I.Q. drug addict? 

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