Big Kooka Gets A Bite From Globalist Journo Gemma Acton And Feminist Mate

Just two days ago the Conservative Kookaburra twitter account @BigKooka came under attack from globalist journalist Gemma Acton. The attack came as a result of comments we made regarding Acton’s nationality. Playing on her fake English accent we trolled the nervous ‘diversity hire’ for her inability to provide convincing reportage on economic and finance issues.

Fishpond 604x90

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 3.17.50 pmThe expat Aussie who spent almost two decades in Europe has struggled since returning to Australia and her English accent has failed to impress the general public. Despite the mainstream media’s constant virtue signalling on class issues, Acton quickly resorted to the tired rhetoric of the elite when she replied to Big Kooka. She chose to brag about studying at Ivy League universities and told everyone she had worked in finance for a decade. This is hardly going to endear her to the people of Sydney’s blue collar heartland. But hey, we already knew they were out of touch.

On a side note Acton was defended by what appeared to be a random male feminist. The account named @DonaldPLawson threw himself into harm’s way for the mildly attractive Acton. The male feminist and animal photographer implied Big Kooka lacked intelligence and even linked to an ABC children’s program, illustrating the cliche left leaning political stance common to all male feminists.

Big Kooka will see you all gain soon. The team do apologise for the irregular updates to the website as we all hold down full time jobs and as editor I am tied down to two jobs and a growing family. Stay strong readers, we will win this war.

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