Indigenous Australians v Maori New Zealanders Rugby League: A Racist And Exclusionist Event

Again sport has become a testing ground for the cultural Marxists’ Ideological Subversion program. The NRL (National Rugby League) in its infinite wisdom has reinvented the already failed Indigenous rugby league team concept and pit them against Maori New Zealanders.

This event is being championed by every NRL journalist and every former player with a trickle of Aboriginal or Maori heritage. But what statement is the NRL and both nations making? Quite simply it says, we’re going to pick sporting teams exclusively along lines of race and ethnicity. In order to play you have to have Australian aboriginal or New Zealand Maori heritage.

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The NRL is obviously ignorant to the fact that both Australia and New Zealand have been trying for the last 200 odd years to build an egalitarian society where all Australians, and all New Zealanders from whatever race or cultural heritage are treated equally and have the same rights.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 11.23.48 pm
Latrell Mitchell leads aboriginal war dance at NRL Indigenous v NZ Maori clash

For those not getting the racist and exclusionist aspect of this, consider a team made up of white Australians. Could it happen? No! There is just no possibility of such a team coming together (but it’s okay to be white). We could possibly see a team of players with Lebanese heritage though, as the sport has had many skilled athletes with that background. And from there, where would we stop?

In promoting the event organisers regularly bandy about phrases such as ‘celebration of cultures’ and that there will be ‘immense passion’ on display. Former Penrith and Easts half Jamie Soward saying, “We’re going to see two sides play with unbelievable amounts of passion . . .” Jamie Soward. Continually the game is being compared to the previous Indigenous All Stars v World All Stars fixture, where the fault of its failure is claimed to be the lack of cultural bond for the World All Stars and its fans to fall back on.

It begs the question, where does one’s nation come in this? Is the nation state – be it Australia or New Zealand – just of secondary importance to these professional sportsmen? Despite the freedoms and opportunity the nations offer, ethnic heritage plays an important role in the identity of the players and beyond rugby league or any sport, it leads you to wonder just how stable either nation would be if an enemy combatant was present.

The Indigenous All Stars and Maori NZ team fixture should be scrapped. It is just another tool (KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov described) of those trying to covertly undermine the stability of the west.


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