ScoMo Trolls Labor Leader Shorten in Medivac Fight Back

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has scored a major win over opposition leader Bill Shorten. Trailing in media polls and with bookmakers, the Liberal PM declared that Christmas Island was going to be used as the location for ‘urgent medical treatment’ required by asylum seekers currently residing in the Pacific islands of Nauru and Manus.

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The socialist Australian Labor Party had last week pushed a historic bill through parliament with the help of independent member Kerryn Phelps (known for her bizarre curiosity around infant masturbation). The elderly MP put forward the bill to allow sick detainees residing in Nauru (a tiny nation state in the Pacific) or Manus Island (part of PNG) to be transported to Australia for better or more urgent medical assistance. Originally the passing of the bill appeared a win for Labor as it meant they could bring fake refugees (asylum seekers) to the Australian mainland and as a result those individuals would be granted access to the Australian legal system whence said individual could commence asylum claims. The system then allows the claimant to remain in Australia whilst their application is being processed. Finally, if proven valid the individual would be granted asylum here rather than in Nauru or on Manus Island .

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 10.29.58 am
Phelps (grey haired woman) with other traitors from the cross bench.

However, in a Trumpian move ScoMo turned the tables. Realising that there was nothing in the bill/legislation that said the asylum seekers had to be treated by doctors in mainland Australia, the Prime Minister and his team quickly put in place plans for the wannabe refugees to be transported to Christmas Island for their ‘urgent’ medical treatment. This means they can’t lodge a claim for asylum to be processed by Australia as Christmas Island is outside Australia’s migration zone.

So the Coalition has scored a massive win with this move. As a result the aforementioned MP Kerryn Phelps is furious. ScoMo’s trolling sent Phelps into a twitter rant:

This is a subversion of our entire model of representative democracy. The parliament through its proper processes clearly determined that people too sick to receive treatment in offshore detention should come to Australia, not Christmas Island, for specialised treatment

Meanwhile, Commie Bill Shorten has held in his inner rage as there has been a sudden shift in political polling over the weekend, indicating public support for stronger borders.

NOTE: Below is a link giving statistical information on illegal boat arrivals to Nauru and Manus Island.

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