Signs of Civilisational Decline as Victorian Police Bashed Again

In his popular geopolitical tome The Clash of Civilizations, Samuel P Huntington describes a period of decline prior to an anarchic and lawless civilisation. The manifestations of decline and cultural suicide that Huntington describes are now ever present in the west. Australia is now one of the nations of the west experiencing decline, and the weekend’s bashing of two Victorian Police Officers is solid evidence.

In the final chapter of The Clash of Civilizations, Huntington lists multiple signs of decline:

  1. Increases in antisocial behaviour, such as crime, drug use, and violence generally;

  2. family decay, including increased rates of divorce, illegitimacy, teen-age pregnancy, and single parent families;

  3. at least in the United States, a decline in “social capital”, that is, membership in voluntary associations and the interpersonal trust associated with such membership;

  4. general weakening of the “work ethic” and rise of a cult of personal indulgence;

  5. decreasing commitment to learning and intellectual activity, manifested in the United States in lower levels of scholastic achievement.

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Digesting that list, it is difficult to argue that any of the five signs Huntington describes are not occurring. Drug use is on the rise, as is antisocial behaviour, the like of the violent attack on police illustrates. Rates of divorce are high and the rise of single parent families is undeniable, specifically the left’s most celebrated – those heroic single mothers. Thank former Liberal Party PM John Howard for much of the degenerate crime of the future to be carried out by his $5000 babies. Back to Huntington’s list and the decline in social capital he talks about is very obvious to Big Kooka. I have anecdotal experience of this at local sports clubs I’ve been involved with, where parents of children involved in sport are no longer willing to help out, or are so time poor that they cannot help out (e.g. canteen staff, linesmen, team trainer). More evidence of this comes from a university lecturer during my time at WSU, who bravely stated that in Sydney’s western suburbs it was very difficult to gather parents for P&C associations as many didn’t speak English and the cultural gaps meant walls of distrust were up. Huntington’s statement of work ethic is one that could be questioned as unemployment levels aren’t all that bad in Australia, though the reluctance of many native born Australians to have children is evidence of the cult of indulgence or individualism. This individualism is seen and promoted by tacky reality television programs like, Married At First Sight or any one of the various cooking programs. And education, well we just have our priorities and methodology totally out of whack. Australia is busy with programs like Safe Schools ensuring that queer or sexually confused children aren’t bullied and are encouraged to take on sex change operations without the knowledge of their parents. We’ve also taken up the Student Centred Approach rather than Teacher Directed method for classroom instruction. This pedagogy simply wastes the time of intelligent students and panders to those that are disruptive or academically incapable. Australia was recently ranked 39th out of 41 OECD nations in education. Enough evidence?

This is what we have now. Australia part of ‘the west’ is a civilisation in decline. Discussion of exactly how this came to be, is far too dense for a blog post, but KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov outlined how the west was under covert attack in the 1980s. His interview detailing areas of infiltration such as mass media (mainstream media), religion, educational systems, law enforcement systems etc. is now on YouTube.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 11.40.39 am
Wounds to mouth of female police officer bashed in Melbourne 2017. Assailant walked free.

Of course a healthy sceptic will say, “all this after one attack on a police officer.” But the facts are there have been numerous attacks on police officers and school teachers and generally figures of authority have very little respect today. As if the beating wasn’t enough, four of the perpetrators already charged were released on bail until their court appearance in June! Shocking. As many talkback radio callers were at pains to state, it is remarkable that that neither of the officers used their tasers or their firearms. Had the assailants been from ‘diverse’ backgrounds it would be understandable as the media backlash around such incidents is hysterical, but that was not the case here. Many including Big Kooka would have no qualms with one of the attackers being shot dead in this incident, particularly while in the act of ramming the police officers head into the bitumen.

Below is a list of recent attacks on Police: In this incident the police officer is attacked while conducting highway patrol duties (Sunshine Coast, Qld) Male and female police officers attacked by lone knife wielding assailant as they enter police station (Eastwood, NSW) Four people including a woman participate in beating of police officers. (Dalby, Qld)

Man assaults female police officer. The 29 year old female senior constable was repeatedly punched in the face to the point that she needed reconstructive surgery to the cost of $15,000. (Glenroy, Vic) Lone police officer attacked by loitering thugs (Mt Druitt, NSW) Two drunken nightclub patrons attack police officers after being ejected from club. Police officer attacked while attempting to arrest shoplifter – surrounded by youth of African appearance.

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