Tommy Robinson Destroys BBC Scumbags: Facebook Bans Him

English free speech activist Tommy Robinson has destroyed the British Public Broadcaster in a new documentary that exposes corruption between the BBC and left wing propaganda organisation Hope Not Hate.

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In Tommy’s documentary PanoDrama (wordplay on BBC documentary series Panorama) the English patriot ambushes shameless BBC journalist John Sweeney. Sweeney had been harassing Tommy over the internet in a bid to lure him into a gotcha interview. Finally Tommy relented, but he was fortunate enough to have inside information from an ex-employee Lucy Brown who had been sounded out by Sweeney and the BBC for an expose on the Tommy. What followed was the greatest piece of independent journalism ever and possibly the death-knell for publicly funded broadcasters across the western world.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 11.45.23 pm
BBC #fakenews ‘journalist’ John Sweeney in the hot seat during Tommy’s explosive documentary.

Prior to Tommy’s interview he had Lucy Brown record her meeting with shameless Sweeney. In this meeting spanning 3 bottles of wine and some sambuca (paid for by the British tax-payer), Sweeney clearly states what he wants Lucy to say in the BBC’s big expose on Tommy. The rat says:

What I want from you is the following, simple two things. One, people like us (sic), the BBC, the establishment, has (sic) not listened to what Tommy’s been saying and that’s bad. And so the extent, so the extent to which the entire conversation about Islamists, extremism, about what that means in (sic), for ordinary Brits up and down the country, umm, closing that down, turning it off, as racist full stop is wrong and that’s that. And that goes in the can, and you can say that, and I, that will appear in the show. The second thing is . . . But there’s something erm . . . my own personal experience it was difficult, because I was a good trooper, then suddenly I was thrown to the dogs. As a human being, he’s funny and charismatic and err, and can be great, great company, and he’s not, he’s not a Nazi. Erm, number three, partly because of the pressure, partly because of the chaos, if you fall out, it’s horrible. If he turns on the mob. And those three elements I guarantee. And those three elements will appear in the show. I promise you that. Deal.

Tommy also exposes the hypocrisy of the BBC with Sweeney caught out making what would be deemed racist comments by the far left (the BBC included). The first was a stereotype of Asian (he means Islamic) cab drivers not admitting dogs into their vehicles. Next was a comment about the pleasure he gets out of speaking in Turkish to Greeks, as it triggers historical resentment. Sweeney also went on to state the he had something in common with Tommy, and that was his “scumbag Irish background.” Additionally the BBC reporter using cockney rhyming slang to refer to gay people.

The ambush interview ends hilariously with fake news BBC reporter Sweeney attempting to slur Tommy with a threatening sms\text that the rat believes was sent by Tommy to Lucy. It is must watch t.v., not the kind that you’ll find on the BBC though.

The George Soros funded Hope Not Hate‘s role was to offer cash rewards to Lucy Brown and other ex-employees of Tommy Robinson’s in the hope they could finally silence the British patriot. Unsurprisingly social media giants Facebook and Instagram banned Tommy Robinson just two days after the documentary was released. They claim he made racist comments and incited violence toward the Islamic community.

Below is the documentary #Panodrama. You must watch!


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