Remembering the Hole in the Ozone Layer

Who remembers the hole in the Ozone Layer? If you’re anywhere near my age you’ll recall your school days full of scare mongering by new age environmental zealots. “The hole in the ozone layer is expanding”, they shrieked. “We will all die of skin cancer in a dangerously hot future,” they claimed. Of course humans were the cause of this catastrophic occurrence and it was all due to our reliance on chlorofluorocarbon producing refrigerators.

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Typical  propaganda used to indoctrinate western children into extreme green beliefs.

The beginning of the ‘hole in the ozone layer’ story arrived in the 1970s and after numerous well funded studies, it was revealed that human produced CFCs were destroying it. The average person had not even heard of the ozone layer until this alarming news dispersed across the planet. Nevertheless, school children of the 1980s and 1990s learnt that the ozone layer was a protective layer of gases hovering 15-30 kilometres above the earth, and its existence prevented the dangerous UV rays of the sun from giving us all skin cancer.

By 1985, a group of scientists hit pay-dirt when they discovered there was a ‘huge hole’ in the ozone layer above Antarctica. The study from the Halley Research Station set early climate alarmists and assorted hippies into action across the world. Eventually the United Nations stuck its nose into the ozone layer hole, and in 1987 all existing members (of the UN) signed a treaty to phase out the use of CFCs.

And the world was saved, so the story goes.

But there is another story. Some scientists dispute that CFCs were responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer. One such scientist is Peter Temple, and his video on YouTube is a must see for all school aged children, or even you! In the video Temple explains that freons (another name for CFCs) – which are reported by climate alarmists to float into the atmosphere and break down the ozone layer – are too heavy to “go up into the stratosphere” 

Furthermore, the video focuses on the ozone layer hole achilles. The fact that the ozone layer hole is largest over Antarctica.

If man made CFCs were floating into the stratosphere and creating a hole in the ozone layer, logic tells us that the biggest hole or thinning of the ozone layer would lie over the world’s biggest polluters. But the hole in the ozone layer is not over China, it’s not over India, it’s not over the United States of America or Russia either. It’s over Antarctica.

Maybe those camping out in Antartica have a lot more refrigerators than we are led to believe. Anyhow, do yourself a favour and watch the full video here.

After you watch the video, reflect on the current climate alarmist hysteria around ‘global warming’.

For additional red pilling watch Dr Tim Ball who disputes that there is or even was a hole in the ozone layer, rather just a thinning of the ozone layer.

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