Israel Folau Exiled: Stands Tall Ready For Fight

Israel Folau has been sacked by his employer Rugby Australia. Folau, the highest try scorer in the history of Super Rugby, paraphrased the christian bible and that was it. The incident illustrates just how dangerous it is to offend certain groups in our failing society.

In 2018 Israel Folau answered a question posted to him on social media saying that God’s plan for gay people was ‘hell’. For that comment Folau was within a whisker of being sacked. Numerous mainstream media figures condemn him as did some of his professional rugby colleagues. He met with Rugby Australia’s boss Raelene Castle, and was given advice to not offend the sport’s many stakeholders (meaning sponsors with gay CEOs).

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So enter 2019, and Israel Folau has now been sacked!

A social media post stating that sinners would all go to hell unless they repent, was the last straw. The list named eight types of sinners whose fate was hell, they were: liars, drunks, idolaters, thieves, adulterers, fornicators, atheists and homosexuals. Many of us have committed the sins in Folau’s list. In the modern age many of us have had sex outside of marriage (fornication), many people idolise and obsess over silly things like football teams, pop stars etc. (idolatry). I have heard nothing from those people to say they’re offended or that they want to see Israel Folau without a job. But one group amongst those listed did.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 10.28.22 am
Israel Folau’s ‘offensive’ post to Instagram.

The homosexual elite that rule much of the corporate, political and media world have spoken out. They were offended!!! And despite all the sugary niceties and platitudes about inclusiveness that are preached by large organisations – now including professional sports entities – there are some people you are not allowed to offend. Gays and other sexually perverted people cannot be offended or your livelihood is gone. There is another group in western society whom you’re not allowed to offend or you face the same consequences, but I’ll leave that for another day.

The proliferation of the gay elite in our once free society has been put on display. In speaking the word of God, Israel Folau has flushed them out. Last year when Izzy made his dangerous and offensive comments, he was not only threatened with sacking, his new contract was reduced as one of the contributors the Salteri family (part owners of dirty government contractor Transfield) chose to dissociate themselves with him, Folau also had a Landrover vehicle taken from his possession.  Of course these people and brands are free to do so. And Rugby Australia had to protect their bottom line. Money comes first for them. And given that Rugby Australia’s major sponsor QANTAS is chaired by unabashed sodomite Alan Joyce the organisation was not prepared to take the risk of offending their patron further.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 11.45.25 am
Practising sodomite and boss of QANTAS Alan Joyce.

Folau was once a rugby league player (slightly different to rugby union). But the professional organisation for rugby league in Australia quickly denounced Folau’s paraphrasing of the bible. They released a statement stating that he was not welcome there either. “Israel Folau fails the NRL’s inclusiveness culture, which is a policy strongly supported by the ARLC,” said boss Peter Beattie.

Do the gay elite not see that they’re failing to be inclusive when they cease to employ a person on grounds of their religious beliefs?

Why are homosexuals offended by being told they’re going to hell, when they don’t even believe in God?

Israel has said very little about the matter since the post on April 10. He did proclaim his faith in God though, saying, “Whatever His will is, whether that’s to continue playing or not, I’m more than happy to do what He wants me to do.”

On the positive side of things Folau has requested a Code of Conduct hearing in relation to his sacking by Rugby Australia. This means Folau will take the organisation to court over unfair dismissal. A case where it would be Gods word against that of evildoers. Who wins this fight will tell us a lot about where our culture now stands.

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