April 21st, Its Our First Anniversary

It’s been one year and Big Kooka is thanking everyone of you that has visited the page and particularly those that do so on a regular basis. If you’ve seen our videos we love you too.

The year ahead looks even more successful with our cool bumper sticker range to debut in the coming months. Keep an eye out for that, and as always, stay patriots.

Here is a list of the Top 5 articles in our first year.

ScoMo Trolls Labor Leader Shorten

Tommy Robinson Destroys BBC Scumbags

Indigenous Australians v Maori NZ – Racist Rugby Match

Dumbest Politician of the Year Award

Communist China Declares War on Aussie Coal

Top 3 Videos

Con artists teach fake refugees how to convince western authorities into believing they are legitimate refos.

Western Australian Senator Andrew Hastie reveals direct link to Chinese Communists in Australian politics.

True Australian History, revealing the history of aboriginal invasion and almost total genocide of Barrineans. The first of three parts.


Before leaving please be sure to share our articles and follow the site. Visit our new values/policies page to be sure of our credentials.

Thank You to all of our followers. We couldn’t do it with our you.

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