Kiwis Cancelling ANZAC Day Services: An Observation

Recently we heard that New Zealand’s Returned Services Association (equivalent to Australia’s RSL) was cancelling close to 60 scheduled ANZAC Day services for fear of reprisal attacks from the Islamic community after the Christchurch massacre. An interesting observation of this disgraceful decision can be found from the lack of specific threat reported by police.

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Details around the cancellation of ANZAC Day services in New Zealand tell of advice coming from Auckland Police, that to ensure adequate public safety, the plan was to host less events allowing larger police presence.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 5.00.15 pm
Karyn Malthus – police superintendent.

Police superintendent and resident woman in charge Karyn Malthus said, “We recognise the public will want to commemorate Anzac Day across the region and we are wanting them to do that in the safest way possible, which may mean some have to travel a little further to an event.”

The most salient aspect of this story is that there has been no specific threat according to police. If there has been no specific threat from the moslem community, the police – those perennial virtue signallers of western democracies – are guilty of Islamophobia. Here the police are anticipating that the ‘peace loving’ and forgiving Islamic community are going to erupt into violence.

If politicians and police truly believed that the Islamic community were equally patriotic Kiwis they would not require the banning of fifty-odd ANZAC Day services to ensure public safety. The truth is that deep down, politicians and police don’t believe the Islamic community can be trusted. They have an uneasy fear that Islamic people in New Zealand hate patriotic occasions and would target innocent Kiwis as payback for the Christchurch massacre.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 5.05.45 pmThis decision also illustrates clearly that the enemy is living among us. We in the west have been betrayed by our leaders.

In their infinite wisdom they chose to allow  dangerous numbers of Islamic people into western nations. A people with an ideology that openly calls for the killing of those that don’t follow it.

Our politicians are traitors!!!


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