Cowardly UK Police Flee Scene As Tommy Robinson Is Violently Attacked

Tommy Robinson has been violently attacked while campaigning to become a Member of the European Parliament. On two occasions the British patriot and free speech advocate was physically attacked on live video, but police were unwilling to take action against both assailants as they are now operate only as the enforcement arm of the ultra left ‘anti nationalist’ political correctness system.

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On Thursday, 2nd May Tommy Robinson was on the streets of Warrington spreading the word about his campaign to be elected to the European parliament on 23rd May. Early on Robinson was approached by a young islamic agitator. The young man emerged from the sidewalk to intersect Tommy, and while filming invaded the personal space of the patriot. Robinson’s handlers intervened to prevent any violence as the man continued to shout profanities and provoke Tommy. After a circle was formed around him, the islamic agitator skirted around the group to once again get in Tommy’s face. In doing so the young man pushed a number of women in the crowd.

Moments after the provocation and physical assault on the women police were on the scene and Robinson with the help of the female witnesses asked the police to arrest the man. The response of police at that moment was shameful and COWARDLY.

The male police officer cut a direct path to his vehicle and left the area. Footage of this is available below.

Next Tommy himself was physically assaulted by an insane lefty. The slightly built white man slandered Tommy with a predictable slogan of the left “racist c#nt.” Robinson pursued the heckler with microphone in hand, only for the skinny leftist to violently push Tommy backward and give police reason to charge him. Despite consultation with police there was no action taken. WEAK POLICE.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 2.12.21 pm
An image from Tommy Robinson’s website.

Later the candidate for the European Parliament was in discussion with an unkempt female of the left leaning variety. Robinson had been trying to make a point to the woman, when her friend – a portly late 20s type – suddenly assaulted him. She leant in to Tommy’s personal space and let fly with two of the most ferocious blows she could muster. Again police were on the scene with the woman in question present and yet still they didn’t detain her. DISGRACEFUL.

Finally Tommy Robinson bailed up the young islamic agitator from the earlier altercation. He put the microphone in the young man’s face and asked him to explain his behaviour. The violent degenerate then threw his milkshake at Robinson and attempted to run from the scene.

Once again police behaved like cuckholded cowards. Instead of arresting the degenerate jobless muhammadin they dropped him off at the train station.

Bearing witness to this appalling display I can only say I pity the people of Britain who are lumped with such a meek and contemptible police force. SHAMEFUL.

ATTENTION: European Union elections are to be held on Thursday, 23rd May. Tommy is running to represent the North-West of England at the elections. Visit his website at

Dear Englishmen, this is your chance to send a message the establishment will never forget. It may be your last chance to save your country.

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