Racist Penny Wong’s Lust For Power Growing Stronger

Malaysian born Australian Labor Senator Penny Wong is showing clear signs of a lust for power. On the speaking circuit during the election campaign, the 50 year old LGBTQI advocate has ramped up the anti-white Australian rhetoric as election day draws nearer. Her comments on race and opposing political parties send a chilling message for free speech proponents.

Penny Wong with partner Sophie Allouache and their test tube baby Alexandra in 2011.

In recent weeks Penny Wong has presented at a number of speaking engagements, one such presentation was at the Lowy Institute in Sydney, 1st May, 2019. It was there that she declared Prime Minister Scott Morrison had failed to, “. . . take a clear and unambiguous stand against the politics of prejudice and division. Moreover, she added that the Prime Minister through his election preferences with Clive Palmer, “. . . and his refusal to ensure One Nation is preferenced last by all members of his government . . .” was supporting a White Australia Policy. She reaffirmed that Scott Morrison’s inaction was giving the country a bad reputation in the region. When Wong does not like what her opponents are saying she seeks to shut them down, or resorts to labels like the cliche racist tag.

Fishpond 604x90

During the same speech Wong also made no secret of the fact that she has already planned her first overseas sojourn as Foreign Minister (Labor has pencilled her in for the job). She has scheduled flights to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Wong’s Chinese Malaysian father still has a big influence on her and she is of the firm belief that her Asian heritage will boost her chances of influencing leaders in south-east Asia. On her ethnicity she stated, “what would be significant about an Asian-Australian being our foreign minister is what it says about us.” The comment was an indicator of her inherent racism. Wong has the racist belief that when others in Asia see someone of a similar appearance, they will feel a kinship. A stronger kinship than if they were met by an Australian of white-European heritage. Wong’s RACIST mentality is out of touch, and un-Australian.

Penny Wong & pro Communist ex Labor Senator Sam Dastyari celebrate gay marriage decision.

But Penny’s lust for power knows no bounds, and exactly what action she would take against opponents like Clive Palmer and Pauline Hanson if given the ability is terrifying.

It is bizarre that Wong has a problem with Clive Palmer and his election campaign. The well funded Palmer has candidates from a range of ethnicities for every electorate in the House of Representatives and his shear numbers could be the cause for Penny’s angst. Or it could be her inherent racism. The one salient message I get from United Australia Party advertising is that Clive is against foreign ownership, and Chinese interference in our politics. Cue Penny and the left’s age-old tactic of slurring their opponents with the  racist tag. So under the new Australian Labor Party regime, Penny and her friends will have Clive silenced for calling out Chinese interference, and they will justify it by labelling his factual comments as ‘hate speech’.

Pauline Hanson 1996
Hanson after her maiden speech in 1996.

Wong’s problem with Hanson is obvious. Pauline has called out Asian immigration in the past, and Penny feels threatened. She wants less white Australians and more immigrants. Back in 1996 in Pauline Hanson’s maiden political speech, she stated prophetically, “I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians. Between 1984 and 1995, 40 per cent of all migrants coming into this country were of Asian origin . . . A truly multicultural country can never be strong or united.”

Immigration statistics from 2018 (Australian Bureau of Statistics link here) hammer home the facts behind Hanson’s speech in 1996. As of June 2018, 29% of the Australian population was born overseas. Chinese born immigrants provided 651,000 heads of population, while there were 592,000 Indian born. The Philippines and Vietnam also provided huge numbers with 534,000 combined. Four of the six largest contributors to our migrant population were from Asia. Hanson was right, and Penny does not want you to know this. Penny says that when Pauline Hanson discloses such statistics it is ‘hate speech’.

The rise of censorship in western nations is becoming suffocating. If given the power people like Penny Wong and like minded illiberal Richard Di Natale will broaden the definition of terms like racist and hate speech. Hate speech will be anything that Wong or Di Natale hate. Racism will be your very existence if you’re white and successful. Make no mistake, Wong has a lust for power cultivated by her inherent hate for white Australians. A vote for Labor gives permission to alter Australia’s values and demographics irrevocably.

NOTE: See below Richard Di Natale’s speech on banning media commentators such Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones and Chris Kenny. 






  1. I used to like Penny Wong, but not anymore, she is becoming very racist herself, and power hungry.
    They always use the racist tag to shut people up.


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