Australian Election Betting: Liberal Party Now $5.75

It’s the only gambling event where you can actually help your bet get home. The Australian Federal Election is on this Saturday, 18th May and just like those slimy politicians you can make some money out of it.

At current time, the election appears to be all Bill Shorten and the Labor Party. The bookies are rarely wrong on election betting, though they were wrong on the 2016 U.S. Election. And I made a motza out of President Trump’s shock victory!

All the major online betting agencies that Big Kooka visited this morning have Labor as very short priced favourites. The best price you can get for Bill Shorten and his new brand of Australian Socialism is $1.15. All signs are that the Australian public is dumber and more gullible than we here at Conservative Kookaburra thought.

If you were to have a punt on a Scott Morrison – Liberal/National Coalition win, you can get odds of $5.75 at some outlets. A cunning type might tell all his mates about these odds and urge them to get in on the game.

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Below are some images of the juicy odds being offered around by betting agencies. Don’t forget to vote this Saturday.

TAB NSW website offers $5.25 for Liberal/National Coalition 14/5/2019

Not all betting agencies were offering online bets for the minor parties. At Bet365 punters were told to phone in.

A generous $5.75 for ScoMo and the Coalition offered by Bet365. 14/5/19

Online betting newcomers Ned’s were offering the lowest odds of a Coalition victory, but were on par with odds offered for a Bill Shorten #CommunistLeft uprising. 

Ned’s online betting offers a meagre $5 for a Coalition victory. 14/5/19.

BetEasy has matched the odds offered by Bet365. 


For desperate there is even betting offered on specific electorates. Unfortunately, you may not be able to bet on your electorate as some areas – like where Big Kooka resides – are static.

In order to place a bet on the election visit one of the above betting agencies and become a member if you’re not already. Then look down the left side of the page, click on sports as opposed to racing. From there you should find a list of different sports including Elections and Novelties. Click there to check the odds and place your desired bet.

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