Labor Wants Your Children For Sex Change!

Early this week Professor John Whitehall was interviewed on 2GB’s Alan Jones Morning Show. Professor Whitehall revealed the full extent of the Australian Labor Party’s depraved plans to play god with your child’s sexual orientation.

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In the interview Whitehall exposed Labor’s policy plan that will prevent doctors from referring children to a regular psychologist if the child presents with questions about their gender. Instead, the child will have to be referred to an approved gender fluid ideologue. The professor warned:

“If I as a paediatrician, a child comes to me . . . I go back to what used to be known, that this is that it’s most likely a psychological issue in the child . . .  deal with it in a customary way, that worked in the past. If I do that, I am then practising ‘conversion therapy‘ . . . I am committing the sin of trying to convert the child back to the gender with which it is born. That they have promised, there will be major punishments for me, to dissuade me.”

The above topic comes under the Australian Labor Party’s policy to ban LGBTIQ conversion therapy. Conversion therapy involves psychologists discussing an individual’s health and concerns before having life altering sex change operations that invariably render the patient unable to reproduce. But Labor says such discussions are, “a serious threat to the health and human rights of those so treated.” And just like in the socialist state of Victoria, Labor plans to implement the program Australia wide. 

Professor John Whitehall of Western Sydney University

Now try to imagine your own son coming home from school after years of indoctrination through primary school and finally now in year 7 or 8 (approximately 13 years old) convinced by their PDHPE teacher that they’re not actually a boy. There is nothing you as a parent can do to stop your son from going to a GP and then being referred on to an approved Gender Fluid psychologist who will set the wheels in motion for little Johnny to undertake an operation that turns him into little Joanna. This is terrifying, and Labor wants your kids to sign up now!

Of course this stuff costs money too. And Labor believes that, “Cost should not be a barrier to accessing these services.” It would be discriminatory to make a person pay out of their own pocket to have their sex change operation, according to the communist left.

What is most scary is that you cannot control what is being taught to your child in the classroom, and according to Australian Labor, this gender fluid degeneracy is normal. Using the feel good mantra of anti-bullying to justify their ‘Safe Schools’ program, Professor Whitehall added, “They will be promoting, directly the concept that there is no such thing as a boy or a girl, everyone is somewhere on a malleable part of the rainbow in between.”

Two ‘women’ that appear in Australian Labor policy documents advocating for sex change operations.

Labor’s LGBTIQ policy also finds space in an already bloated government bureaucracy for new LGBTIQ roles. There will be a post created at the Australian Human Rights Commission for a gay/lesbian or transgender person to ensure there are no impediments for the success and emotional well being of LGBTIQ people. This is one of those roles where the individual will need to make regular media appearances and reaffirm that there is inherent discrimination against the LGBTIQ community so as to justify their salary.  In addition to the Australian Human Rights Commission job there will also be an Advisory Council. Yippee! These politicians will meet four times a year to develop policies that improve outcomes for LGBTIQs. I wonder if they’ll ever be successful, and find that there are no more impediments to LGBTIQ citizens. Let’s put a timer on that one.

The Australian Labor Party won’t stop there though. In order to fully normalise the aforementioned degeneracy and ideological indoctrination, they will fund a gay and transexual radio station to the measure of $600,000. The station called Joy FM will operate out of Victoria. But the pit of money will be mined further to fund $3 million worth of grants to LGBTIQ organisations. Big Kooka will bet big money that there will be a sudden boost in the number of LGBTIQ organisations, and they’ll all be trying to get their hands on some of the taxpayer’s money. The Victorian Pride Centre will also be receiving a minor $10 million grant if Labor are elected. Don’t tell anybody I told you though. It may be considered #hatespeech.

Please protect your children from the new plague of degeneracy affecting millions in the western world.

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