Make Your Vote Count!

The Federal Election is tomorrow and this could be your last chance to stamp out the rise of ultra left violence and race-baiting rhetoric. Overseas we have seen the non-stop vilification of U.S. President Donald Trump and in England Theresa May has been stalling and stalling in the hope the public acquiesce to heritage media’s calls for a second Brexit vote.

In Australia there is no doubt that the same leftist controlled media have been literally egging on the extreme elements of their followers to commit violence against politicians and media figures such as Andrew Bolt.

Fishpond 604x90

Big Kooka implores you to make a statement tomorrow by voting for anyone but the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party on your Senate ballot. That’s the big white one. You can vote above the line and number from 1 to 6 or more. If you care about the future of Australia and your children’s future, send the career politicians of the major parties a message they’ll never forget. By voting in the like of Australian Conservatives, Pauline Hanson One Nation or Fraser Annings National Conservatives you can put a stop to the authoritarian legislation that Labor plans to use once elected.

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