Disgraceful English Police Escort Wild Muslim Men To Tommy Robinson Rally

Video footage hidden by the mainstream media has leaked out via social media, illustrating the collusion between radical islamists and English authorities. Over the weekend as Tommy Robinson’s European Parliamentary campaign toured Oldham, local police escorted hordes of wild young muslim men to the very location of Tommy’s rally.

Aussie Avi Yemini has been in England covering Tommy’s campaign and his video of the rally and ensuing islamist violence has been semi-censored. The video is still available but never appears on YouTube’s trending list or ‘recommended’ lists. You have to type in the exact name of the video and then, you will likely been given a warning that this content could be distressing or harmful.

Fishpond 604x90

The shocking thing is not the young moslem men exhibiting violent and dangerous behaviour when someone questions islam. It was the Greater Manchester Police who should hang their heads in shame. The uniformed puppets provided an escort for 200 plus islamic men to the very location of Tommy Robinson’s rally. The group had travelled approximately 35 kilometres from Halifax to Oldham (evidenced in the video). It is just more confirmation that the police are now too scared to enforce the law because the consequences (days long rioting and terrorism) are too daunting to confront.

During the video, the low iq muhammadans are heard chanting “Allah Akbar!” on numerous occasions, clearly intent on violence. But the police continue their charade of ‘upholding the law’, escorting the youths through the streets of Oldham. Finally the group arrives at a point where the police had earlier set up road-blocks and that’s when the chaos begins. Bricks, stones and eggs are hurled through the air ala Palestine and the Gaza Strip. Police were seen retreating whilst locals pleaded with them to do something, “You lot brought them all down here!” one woman is heard saying.


The mainstream media coverage of the violence can be summed up by one article in the Daily Mirror. The banner headline reads: Tommy Robinson event erupts into violence as ‘bricks and eggs thrown into crowd.’ Not once in the article do they mention that the group were muslim men. The Mirrors states, “Witnesses reported seeing objects being launched into the crowds as tensions flared between Robinson’s supporters and critics on the residential roads.” 

So they’re not radical muslims they’re just critics of Tommy Robinson.

Below are some screenshots from the Daily Mirror’s article which also display the Mirror’s own description of the events at Oldham. It’s almost comedic.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 11.49.01 am

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 11.49.17 am

The above is why the mainstream media or heritage media is a laughing stock. If the roles were reversed the image would have a description: Nationalists target Pakistani muslim man in racist attack. During the video the full extent of this gang attack is clear (10mins 25sec).

The west is in dire trouble when the media is too scared to tell the truth about violence on the streets and just who the perpetrators are. How do you fix the problem of a cowardly media, a timid police force and an emboldened enemy within your country?

It will be a tough job eradicating this sick ideology. But by voting for Tommy in the EU Elections on Wednesday you may be able to save England.

Click here for Daily Mirror article.



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