Facebook Removes Big Kooka’s Newcastle Meme

Facebook has sent an email to Big Kooka saying that the ad which featured a meme poking fun at Newcastle’s allegiance to Labor did not “. . . comply with our Advertising Policies.” The post had already been approved and was seen by more than 2000 people but Facebook suddenly realised it did not comply with their ad policies.

Facebook’s email stating that Big Kooka’s ad did not comply with their policies.

No specific reason was given as to how the ad did not meet Facebook advertising policies. And as stated before, the ad was initially approved.

Big Kooka concludes that the ban which was lifted 3 hours later must have resulted from a complaint by an insecure leftist, most likely residing at the University of Newcastle campus.

Feedback on Conservative Kookaburra’s facebook page was mostly in agreement, however, some took issue:

“. . . coal is going to destroy the earth, so we need to get rid of it? It’s pretty simple.” said one high school student. 

“This meme is hilarious, you can really laugh at the person who made it and their cognitive dysfunction,” said another local man. 

Fortunately the ad has been reposted with Facebook sending a follow up email just under 3 hours later. That’s the age we live in.

Facebook re-approved the ads less than 3 hours later, with no explanation as to how they did not meet advertising policies.

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