Racist Cody Walker Irks New South Wales Teammates

Racist Cody Walker has divided New South Wales with his, ‘Im not gonna sing the-Australian National Anthem’ comments. The State of Origin blow-in was selected for the first time for NSW representative football and he is already trying to make political statements rather than focusing on his game. This has no doubt ruffled some feathers amongst the playing group as well as the fans.

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Walker made comments regarding the Australian National Anthem early this year, prior to the racist Indigenous All Stars v NZ Maoris fixture. Back then he stated that the anthem, “. . . just brings back so many memories from what’s happened and I think everyone in Australia needs to get together and work something out.” With that comment and the agitating around the Australian National Anthem fizzling away, Walker has lit the fuse again. After being selected for NSW last Sunday night, the five-eighth (his on-field position) was asked by a member of the media, “Will you be singing the national anthem before the game?” No doubt this question was arranged as it had nothing to do with Walker’s call up to the NSW team, or the match, or the tactics. Proof of this can be found in comments from ex-representative player Johnathon Thurston. Thurston also of aboriginal heritage, has expressed disappointment at the fact the Indigenous All Stars v NZ Maoris anthem protest has been brushed over. Clearly agitating for political action the racist Thurston said,

“The stand the team took on not singing the national anthem … it was like it was just brushed over. They did that and there wasn’t really any discussion to come out of that, even though it was a stand they took for themselves and their family.”

Ex Aust. Human Rights employee and race-baiter Tim Soutphommasane with ex-footballer Johnathon Thurston.

Exactly how the anthem brings back memories for Cody is not explained, but we can assume that it is in some way painful for him. The most he says is that it, “. . . brings back memories from what’s happened.” Cody – born in 1990 – does not articulate how or what memories it brings back. The simple fact is Cody Walker is a racist. He says “I’m not pushing my views on anyone, it’s just how me and my family have grown up and how I feel.” In other words his parents have told him the Australian National Anthem is bad. No explanation is given. The Australian National Anthem was written in the 1800s by a white person, and as Walker is racist, the song has negative connotations for that one fact. It was created by a white person. This is as clear an example of Walker’s inherent racism and that of his cohort that support his stand.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 8.11.21 pm
The three anthem protestors pose in close proximity. Cody Walker back row-centre and Josh Addo-Carr back row-right. Latrell Mitchell yawning in front row.

Johnathon Thurston is a racist. He does nothing to explain how the anthem is offensive. So we’re left to put the pieces together. A white person wrote the song, hence it is offensive to Thurston. Amongst his teammates Walker is not alone with a number of likeminded racist aboriginals. Latrell Mitchell and Josh Addo-Carr have vowed to not sing the anthem. Even Queensland has a racist in their ranks. Will Chambers has signed up for the protest.

The fact that nobody in the mainstream media has asked any of the protestors how the anthem brings back bad memories or how it offends them is an illustration of their ignorance. Walker’s teammates are known to be unhappy but not stating it publicly. The South Sydney five-eighth has been selected in front of last year’s successful five-eighth James Maloney, and Walker chooses to pull a selfish stunt like this.

Good luck Cody Walker, but racists don’t often do well in team sports.

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  1. Your a fool ,Blue Black or Brindle we are all God’s children he’s the Creator of all our WORLD & what’s in it.don’t upset HIM he can come down hard on you.


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