Folau Raises $450,000 Plus in 3 Days. Satanists and Haters Green With Envy

Exiled Australian rugby union player Israel Folau has raised more than $450,000 in less than 3 days. The funds have been donated to Folau for his upcoming legal battle against the Australian Rugby Union hierarchy who have ordained to join hands with the anti-free speech worldwide tyranny.

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Support of the Rugby talent provoked virtue signalling outcries from across the worldwide web. Scoring number one for virtue signalling points was Drew Mitchell a former union player now ‘expert’ pundit at FoxSports Australia. Mitchell made the spurious claim that Israel Folau was being greedy and thought himself more important than children suffering from life threatening illness. In a disgusting post on his twitter account Mitchell posted photos of sick children who had GoFundMe Donation pages also.

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I wonder if the parents of these children appreciate that Mitchell is using their images to sell another anti-Christian narrative. At no point has Israel Folau stated that he deserves donations more than sick children. This is pure envy and hatred.

It should be noted for those that don’t follow sport closely that Mitchell played as a winger just like Israel Folau. In rugby union circles many people detest the fact that Israel Folau was an ex-rugby league player who waltzed into the Australian starting team. But Izzy justified his selection with outstanding try scoring feats, and he currently holds the record for the most tries scored in Super Rugby history.

Meanwhile, ex-media personality and unsuccessful author Mike Charlton posted another slur on twitter aimed at Folau. He twat sarcastically, “Thinking of following Izzy Folau’s excellent idea of a GoFundMe campaign. I’d very much like a Porsche 911 GT3, very reasonably priced at only $630,000. Your contribution would be much appreciated.” Poor Mike is also in the business of conflating unrelated issues. Of course the disheveled perennial attention seeker Peter FitzSimmons also threw his two bobs worth in. After seeing a tweet from another account begging the public to donate to a cause on a similar level as that of Israel Folau’s the retiree twat, This is a good point. We the people need to harness our rage at and do something useful with it. Why don’t we get behind something like this, so they can surge on our collective grunt? RT if you agree. And donate!”

If you care about free speech and the right of christians to practise their religion and quote the bible, support Israel Folau. Donations for his legal battle can be made by clicking on this link.

Help end the persecution of Christians across the western world.

King James Bible: Acts 13:45

But when the Jews saw the multitudes, they were filled with envy, and spake against those things which were spoken by Paul, contradicting and blaspheming.

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