Go Fund Me Sacks Folau Page

The persecution of Christian rugby union player Israel Folau continues. This time its big tech. The American tech company Go Fund Me – that calls itself a fundraiser – based out of California decided to renege on their values of ‘inclusivity’ by removing Folau’s very popular GoFundMe campaign page. The company removed the page and vowed to refund all monies to those who donated.

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The move provides proof that big tech and mainstream media is ruled by a gay elite. Something alluded to at Conservative Kookaburra in previous posts. Unfortunately, despite all the preaching about inclusivity, big tech and the mainstream media aren’t that interested in diversity if it’s inclusive of ideas that they don’t like. And anything ‘related to Christianity or not hailing the glory of sodomy’ is one of them ideas they aren’t fond of.

But the removal of Folau’s Go Fund Me page proves that his views aren’t as extreme as Rugby Australia portrays them as. Go Fund Me removed Izzy’s funding page after he had raised more than $800,000 in the space of 3 or 4 days. This proved – as stated on the Steve Price radio program – that Israel Folau was not a lone figure. He is not the only person in Australia that reads and believes bible passages. And while the majority of donors to his cause are assumed to be fellow Christians, many have donated in support of Folau’s rights to express his opinion freely.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 10.13.03 am
Ex netballer turned tv pundit Liz Ellis wants Maria Folau punished.

This episode of the Folau saga has proven the hypocrisy of mainstream media, big tech and the gay elite. On the one hand they tell us they support inclusivity, but on the other hand they want you sacked and denied of all opportunity to succeed. In their press release Go Fund Me claimed, “. . . we do not tolerate the promotion of discrimination or exclusion.” Yet they discriminated and excluded Folau from their website. Have you witnessed any clearer example of hypocrisy? Mainstream media, infiltrated and over-represented with gays has done all it can to slur Folau. The shameless ex-rugby player and now FoxSports ‘expert’ Drew Mitchell insinuated that Israel Folau felt himself more important than seriously ill children by placing the Christian’s well supported Go Fund Me page alongside less popular pages belonging to families of sick children. And now they’ve (Liz Ellis) taken to attacking Folau’s wife Maria because she posted the Go Fund Me fundraising page to one of her social media accounts.

In positive news Folau’s team has found a new outlet to raise the target of $3million. In the wake of Go Fund Me discrimination against free speech and Christians, Martin Iles of Australian Christian Lobby has stepped in. If you want to support Israel Folau and your right to freedom of speech, click the link here and pledge your funds at the ACL website.

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  1. Lizard Ellis
    Who are you to judge
    As for the witch from across the ditch i hope Rugby wakes up to you before they go broke
    As for the gay Leprechaun we know your hiding behind everything
    As for Fitzsimmons who listens to that brain dead POS


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