Britain’s Traitorous Government Hopes For Tommy Robinson Assassination

The British Government with the assistance of its corrupted law courts will this week sentence Tommy Robinson on ‘contempt of court’ charges. The charges date back to 2018 but it is the establishment’s latest attempt at locking up the free speech activist and having him murdered in one of their predominantly muslim prisons.

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Robinson ran a campaign this year to be elected to the European Parliament. Despite a social media blackout Robinson made the public evermore aware of the corruption of the establishment, with multiple physical assaults against him including one of the notorious milkshake attacks. Shockingly, when Robinson took his campaign to Oldham

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 11.59.59 pm
Robinson assaulted with milkshake after asking too many questions of anti-free speech advocate.

the UK Police led hordes of young muslim men to the scene of his parliamentary rally. The results were violent beatings by Islamists and damage to vehicles and council property. But the actions of the vile young moslems allowed local media to link Tommy Robinson with violence and property damage, again.

On Friday July 5th though, Robinson was found guilty of contempt of court. Robinson’s crime was to provide a livestream of alleged paedophiles as they left court, who had been involved in a rape and paedophilia ring – they also happened to be of middle eastern appearance (now more generally labelled Asian in the UK so as not to make it absolutely clear that certain ethnic and religious groups are not compatible with western culture). The incident occurred in May of 2018 and initially the patriot was sentenced to 13 months in prison, for which he served three months before winning an appeal in August 2018. Unfortunately for the establishment Robinson was not murdered during that time. But that is why Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC is trying to have the free speech activist jailed and assassinated once and for all.

Robinson appeared on InfoWars soon after Friday’s hearing and he was visibly shaken by the injustice. Displaying his signature bravado Tommy warned, “As far as our causes  . . . send me to jail, and kill me in prison. And watch the country go.”

“It’s gonna take a moment. I’ve always said, Its gonna take something, they have no idea what they’re doing. So essentially for the cause, please the best you could have done was find me guilty on all three charges. The best thing you can do for my cause and our country’s cause and our people’s cause, and the uprising of people against your totalitarianism, the best thing you could do, is find me guilty,” Robinson said. Watch the full InfoWars interview here.

The establishment will do anything to destroy free speech and Tommy’s possible imprisonment this week will be the death knell of justice in Britain, unless the people get out and make a difference like they did in 2018. The Tommy sentencing takes place on 11th July, 2019. For the latest on Tommy’s cause click this link.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 12.48.25 am
Tommy Robinson supporters gathered outside court in 2018.

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  1. I hope Britain comes out in force…the likes & size of what is currently happening in Hong Kong with its rising of corrupt Government! Come on Britain…show your support for Tommy Robinson & Free Speech! This will be THE MOST CRUCIAL TIME IN YOUR HISTORY TO SHOW THE SYSTEM, THAT BRITAIN NEEDS NOT TO BE SUBSERVIENT TO THE THIRD WORLD AGENDA TAKING THEM OVER!!!


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