Tommy Gets Jail Time

Free speech activist Tommy Robinson is now serving time for filming accused paedophiles as they left court in 2018. The free speech activist was given a maximum of 9 months in prison but as he had already been detained in May 2018, he will only have to serve 66 days from today (11th July, 2019).

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Tommy gave some comments to Revel Media’s Ezra Levant, and that statement was read out by the reporter after Tommy’s sentencing. “I will serve more than two more months of guaranteed solitary confinement. None of this was decided by a jury, because a jury would not convict me of journalism. A jury of British men and women would be outraged by the widespread rape of our girls, not by the person who was reporting on the widespread rape of our girls.”

“I have been sent to prison for exposing a crisis in our country that the police and the judges and the media all know about but all prefer not to talk about out of political correctness,” Robinson wrote.

Jeffrey Epstein - financier and registered sex offender
Jeffrey Epstein – financier and sex offender.

In his statement Tommy vowed to continue exposing the corrupt establishment unless he was killed in prison. He also made note of American sex offender and child sex procurer  Jeffrey Epstein whose vile sex ring allegedly includes Bill Clinton. Robinson compared the American system to the failed UK system that he claimed would sentence journalists rather than expose inherent corruption.


  1. He was guilty of wilful contempt of court . What is all this right wing hysteria about ? . He is a person of bad or questionable character with a police record and history of violence and group fights . He is responsible for his actions .
    Enough conspiracy theories from the crazy right .


    1. Great to hear from a radical leftist. I hope you can read some more and perhaps be enlightened further. What we talk about is based on common sense. Most people can eventually understand common sense and judging from your writing you are capable, it is quite often based on how long you’ve spent inside the Communist indoctrination vacuum, i.e. public education in western countries.


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