Disgraceful Leftists Replace American Flag With Mexican Flag At Government Building

Nothing can fully encapsulate the symbolism of the latest act of anti-American vandalism from the left. It truly takes the cake. But it wasn’t just the actions of left wing extremists that has the public stunned, it was also the actions of the authorities.

The lowering of the American flag occurred in Aurora, in the state of Colorado. Protestors gathered at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Government building. They were there to rally against planned ICE raids aiming to round up more illegals in the state. But as is often the case when radical leftists gather in large numbers cultural and moral values disintegrate. Video link here.

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It wasn’t long before the assembled idiocy began to reveal their treachery by storming the doors of the ICE building and then commandeering the flag pole. They started by lowering the stars and stripes and hoisting a Mexican flag in its place. They then moved onto the two adjacent flag poles – which had state flags – and replaced them with a vandalised Blue Lives Matter flag turned upside down and what appeared to be a rectangular rag with an illegible scrawled message.

The incident has caused widespread disgust from patriotic Americans and even Democrats will find themselves somewhat snookered. Though the Democrats are for insane levels of immigration – legal or otherwise – they do realise that some of their voter base are still folk that believe in American values. One of them values is to respect the flag.

Shockingly law enforcement officers from the Aurora Police Department allowed the flag lowering and subsequent replacement to happen without actin or attempts to interrupt it. The police chief said, that no action was taken so as to protect the large majority of peaceful protestors. In a direct quote he said it was, “. . . important that we are strategic in doing what we can to not escalate a situation to where our officers and innocent protesters could get hurt.” So desecration of the flag is now okay, as long as you’re surrounded by a large group of people who are not physically involved in lowering the flag but were in support of it. This is the left. This is what happens when the left march through every institution of significant. There is now no longer a will to defend what were once our dearest values. The flag is sacred.

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 11.59.59 am
Aurora, Colorado – more than 600 miles from the Mexican border.

Of course those that took leadership of this traitorous act are most likely young victims  of the communist left’s anti-American indoctrination. Maybe they don’t understand the gravity of the act of lowering the national flag. Or perhaps Colorado is far enough from the Mexican border that the naive citizens present at the protest don’t grasp the dangers of open borders.

Whatever the reason for the latest traitorous act of the left, this incident will be a major boon to Donald Trump’s 2020 election campaign.

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