Racist Aussie Model Gets Off Scot Free

Racist Aussie catwalk model Adau Mornyang has been let off the hook by a Californian judge. The slightly framed, boyish clothes horse was in court after a shameful alcohol induced flight rage incident, on a Los Angeles bound flight from Melbourne. Headlines leading up to court proceedings claimed she could face up to 21 years imprisonment but prosecutors failed to win over Judge Cormac Carney in crime capital Los Angeles.

The South Sudanese ex-refugee and now Australian citizen’s flight rage story has been reported on by the mainstream media in a hypocritical fashion. Instead of covering her flight rage as a racist tirade (Mornyang called a flight attendant a “white trash bitch” and other assorted slurs), they have covered up that important element in this story. A racist refugee does not fit the mainstream corporate media narrative. Refugees are all good, white people are racists, and that’s that. Here are some of the headlines leading up to and after the racist refugee’s court hearing:

Aussie model’s outburst on flight to US revealed as she faces jail

Flight rage: Australian model Adau Mornyang escapes jail …

From Sydney’s flailing marxist daily publication the Sydney Morning Herald:

Deeply ‘remorseful’ Australian model sentenced for flight disturbance

Australian Model, Adau Mornyang’s mid-air meltdown could land 21-year jail sentence

Surprisingly after scanning over the first four pages of search results (for Adau Mornyang), Big Kooka couldn’t find commentary on the ex-refugee’s mid flight ‘meltdown’ from Australia’s publicly funded broadcaster ABC. Maybe they had a bout of nationalistic conscience and hid the story so as not to shame Australia. Lol.

Audio of Mornyang’s racist tirade is available at NineMSN who called the incident a “flight disturbance.” In a period of less than 70 seconds the ‘model’ makes two racist slurs against flight staff. She also reveals more of her own inherent racism by implying the flight attendants believe she is a “. . . black African woman who is a unstable, who needs to be controlled.”

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 1.12.45 pm
Mornyang Showing Rare Restraint

The average white westerner experiences this kind of racist slur and guilt tripping from people of colour on a regular basis. What makes matters worse though is when the mainstream media has a double standard, and when the legal system gives a criminal like Adau Mornyang a measly 100 hours of community service. Compare the reaction from the heritage media to Donald Trump’s recent comments directed at four Democratic Congresswomen, where he said, “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came . . .” The comments were made three days ago but are still front and centre of every mainstream media outlet in the America. Mornyang is not even labelled a racist, though her comments are clear cut, overt racism.

Fishpond 604x90

Judge Cormac Carney has failed the public. Again in cliche behaviour of limp wristed authorities in leftist California, Carney cited that Mornyang’s “tragic history” of sexual and physical abuse as grounds for a reduced penalty. “The trial process was punishment in and of itself,” he declared, and in a final bid to signal his virtue said, “I want you to have a wonderful life . . .” Heartwarming stuff from the judge but it gives little solace to people who want to see the law applied fairly for all. The icing on the cake though was Mornyang’s comment to a Nine News correspondent after the hearing when she stated, “I don’t speak to Australian media.”

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