Aussie Swimmer Mack Horton Won’t Cop Chinese Cheat

Aussie swimmer Mack Horton has showed more courage than any of our current crop of limp wristed politicians. At swimming’s World Championships Horton finished second to Chinese drug cheat Sun Yang in the 400m freestyle, but refused to stand alongside him on the medal winners dais. In the face of growing Chinese expansionist activity this was a brave move considering the event is being held in neighbouring nation South Korea.

Sun, Yang blood sample – WADA

Horton’s symbolic protest has received support from fellow swimmers and with good reason. Last year the Chinese ‘swimmer’ reacted violently to doping testers attempting to undertake a ‘legal out of competition’ blood sample at his home. In fear of his underhanded activity being caught out, Sun and accomplices smashed the blood vials with a hammer. Stunningly, after this violent altercation and a previous doping ban in 2014 the Chinese freestyler was allowed to continue competing by FINA.

Fishpond 604x90

In reaction to Aussie Mack’s protest Sun didn’t hesitate to play the race card. “Disrespecting me was okay, but disrespecting China was unfortunate . . . I feel sorry about that.” The defending World Champion has the full backing of imperialist China with his 2014 offence not reported by the Chinese authorities within the required timeframe of 20 days. WADA (World Anti Doping Authority) wants Sun before court but the international swimming body FINA – who state on their own website that one of their objectives is “to provide fair and drug free sport” – came to a different conclusion.

Sun, Yang of aggressive communist super power China.

Horton was in his own words frustrated at the way Sun Yang’s obvious cheating has been handled. The Aussie straight out says Sun is a drug cheat and after the 400m Final in South Korea said, “His actions and how it has been handled speak louder than anything I will ever say.”  But Sun is a living breathing metaphor of China’s growing aggression around the globe and particularly in the Pacific. FINA is the latest entity to bow to the wrath of China.

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