Communist Chinese Infiltrate Aussie Education System

Communist Chinese cultural propaganda tool the Confucius Institute has now infiltrated Aussie primary schools and is teaching the Communist national anthem to our kids. Just weeks after an impromptu visit to Sydney Harbour by the Chinese Navy, the news of Chinese indoctrination of Australian children will have all patriots and believers in freedom on edge.

The Confucius Institute is an instrument of soft power the Chinese Communist government is using throughout the world. In their recruitment advertising in Australia the Confucius Institute demands candidates that, “Have good political and professional qualities, love the motherland, voluntarily work for the cause of Chinese language internationalisation . . .”

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In Australia, China has agreements with a number of Universities where Chinese language (Mandarin) and ‘merits’ of the communist system are taught. Additionally our primary schools have been infiltrated by selected volunteer teachers who “love the motherland.” According to a Seven News report, they’re even teaching the Chinese National Anthem.

Alarmingly the buying power and largesse of Beijing has meant that universities employing Confucius Institute staff and curricula are beholden to the political doctrines of the Chinese Communist Party. As universities become more addicted and reliant on Chinese dollars they become less strident in the application of academic freedom. Discussion of internationally disputed topics such as Taiwanese independence, occupation of Tibet and Hong Kong all become no go zones. This is not how academic freedom works in Australia, this is Communist control of the narrative.

Banned Image. Images of Winnie The Pooh are banned in China after a local meme went viral depicting President Xi, Jinping as the goofy animated bear.

But the threat to academic freedom does not only come in the form of recognised instruments of communist propaganda like the Confucius Institute. Students are also exerting pressure on local academics (particularly of Chinese ethnicity) who do not tow the party line. At the University of Newcastle, 2 hours north of Sydney, students filmed a lecturer (watch video with this link as Indian born lecturer is questioned by Chinese student wanting him to stop offending him) and made headlines in China with reports an educator was stating Taiwan was separate to China. Despite the fact that it is, the Chinese Communist Government wants this to change, and discussion, let alone dispute of the topic will soon be off limits.

In good news the NSW State Government will soon release the findings of a 14 month review into language programs underpinned by foreign governments, including specific investigation of the Confucius Institute. Whatever the result, the China problem is unlikely to go away with Australia host to 14 Confucius Institutes, the third highest in the world. Meanwhile, let the words of Chinese President and Dictator Xi, Jinping warm your heart with his plans to build, “the most extensive patriotic united front . . .” using “extensive contacts with overseas Chinese nationals, returned Chinese and their relatives”.

Communist Dictator Xi, Jinping inspects Military during parade in 2018

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