BETRAYED! Politicians Deny Citizens Opportunity To Vote On Immigration Levels

Greedy politicians in the Australian Senate have killed the people’s only chance to have a lawful say on immigration levels to Australia. On Monday, 29th July 2019 Pauline Hanson proposed her Plebiscite (Future Migration Levels) Bill which would give Australian citizens an opportunity at the next election to vote Yes or No about immigration levels being too high.

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However, the Senate with its 35 Coalition (Liberals & Nationals), 26 Labor, 9 Greens and six others voted ‘no’ to giving the people a voice. Despite Senator Hanson stating her case with supporting quotes from Infrastructure Australia, none of the Senators present had the intestinal fortitude of the Queenslander, whom is demonised by the mainstream media at every mention.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 7.20.42 pm
What the plebiscite would look like.

Hanson quoted Infrastructure Australia, a government body saying, “If we don’t get the timing of new housing and infrastructure right, our growth centres risk being characterised by congested roads, overcrowded trains and buses, over enrolment in schools, hospital bed shortages . . .” 

She also supported her argument for a Migration Plebiscite by attributing the current housing affordability crisis and unemployment problems to mass immigration. Many young Australians have given up on owning a home in the big cities as those ‘growth centres’ have been saturated with newly arrived immigrants, putting a higher demand on the available housing. It’s win, win, for real estate moguls and already established property czars across Sydney and Melbourne. Hanson paraphrased Dick Smith on the home affordability issue stating that in 1975 if you saved 10% of your income you would have a deposit for a home in 6 years. Saving at the same rate in 2016 would see you with enough for a deposit after 25 long years. Meanwhile, she noted stagnant wage growth and underemployment as other issues related to high immigration.

Senator Hanson put forward a quality argument with supporting evidence, but those elected by Australian voters displayed cowardice and treachery.  The bill was rejected with a vote count of 54 to 2. The only two supporting the bill being Hanson and fellow One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts. It is extraordinary to see such a betrayal of the people when just this week Prime Minister Morrison was being hauled over the coals for not wanting to increase unemployment payments. Do the math idiots! Lower population growth means less people competing for the same job and that equals less people relying on unemployment benefits.


  1. Australian have lost all control of their country through greed and unholy means of UN and foreign interests in this country. We have lost our own identity and Governments are allowing this destruction of all our own National interests. The time is Nigh


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