China and WA’s Labor Premier Angry With Hastie Comments

Western Australia’s Labor Premier Mark McGowan agrees with China. He and the communist superpower are furious with Liberal MP Andrew Hastie who compared China’s expansion to World War II Germany.

There is an alarming trend amongst Australian Labor politicians to take the side of China on issues of international sovereignty. The Labor Premier urged Hastie to, “. . . stop damaging the relationship and threatening WA jobs with extreme and inflammatory language.” McGowan is on friendly terms with the Chinese and reiterated, “25 per cent of the WA economy is based on our trade with China.” But while Hastie’s comments could damage the WA economy they are nonetheless quite accurate.

Uighur moslems in Chinese re-education camp.

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China is currently holding at least 120,000 Uighur moslems in ‘re-education’ camps. In Xinjiang province on China’s western border with Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Kirgizstan, the Communist government has taken a hardline approach to anti Chinese separatism removing any dissident voices from the public space. A Human Rights Watch advocate warned that the facilities are designed to brainwash Uighurs into loving the Chinese Government.

In the same vein China is condemning anti-Communist protestors in Hong Kong. After the public came out in force to oppose a proposed law allowing Hong Kong citizens to be extradited to mainland China on the whim of Communist dictator Xi, Jinping, there has been a violent crackdown. Already we’ve seen hired hitmen attacking pro democracy protestors at a train station while China continues to make none to subtle threats of ‘intervening’ if local authorities can’t contain the violence. False flag anyone?

Then of course there is China’s military build up. Along with reenergising Chinese defence forces and acquiring innumerable aircraft carriers and there are those man-made islands (Spratley Islands) in the South China Seas. At this stage it’s convenient to remember that China’s dictator Xi, Jinping said that the islands constructed by the expansionist empire would not be used for military purposes. Now however, it’s undisputed that there are ground to air missile bases and defence instalments.

All of the above is just a snapshot of Chinese aggression with supporting evidence. Don’t forget they have made repeated claims that Taiwan is not an independent nation, they’ve sought to use foreign debt as a means of controlling south pacific nations, including Vanuatu and recently Papua New Guinea. Additionally on our own turf, China Southern Airlines (predominantly Chinese govt. owned) acquired Merredin Airport near Perth for $1.  Then there is Karratha Airport in the north of Australia, which Clive Palmer’s election campaign noted was conveniently located for future Chinese militarisation plans.

Meanwhile a Chinese Embassy statement here in Australia effectively requested Hastie shut-up. It read, “We strongly deplore the Australian federal MP Andrew Hastie’s rhetoric on ‘China threat’ which lays bare his Cold War mentality and ideological bias . . . it goes against the world trend of peace, co-operation and development. It is detrimental to China-Australian relations.

Federal Member for Canning Andrew Hastie

To be sure Hastie’s controversial comments came in an opinion piece where he wrote, “Right now our greatest vulnerability lies not in our infrastructure, but in our thinking,” He pointed out a failing in educational institutions and elite circles particularly.

“That intellectual failure makes us institutionally weak. If we don’t understand the challenge ahead for our civil society, in our parliaments, in our universities, in our private enterprises, in our charities — our little platoons — then choices will be made for us. Our sovereignty, our freedoms, will be diminished.”

He then compared the rise of China to that of Germany, saying westerners were ignorant to the risk in the false belief that economic liberalisation would tame authoritarian dangers.  His World War II comparison being that, “. . . the French believed their series of steel and concrete forts would guard them against the German advance in 1940. But their thinking failed catastrophically. The French had failed to appreciate the evolution of mobile warfare.”

British PM Chamberlain friendly with Hitler

In conclusion, it is left to you. Is China similar to 1930s Germany? Do we have acquiescing politicians like Britain’s Neville Chamberlain who let Adolf Hitler walk into Czechoslovakia? Do we have an aggressive military power making claims to foreign lands on grounds of historic order like Germany did with Poland?

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