Sydney Stabber Captured By Members Of The Public

The Sydney Stabber has been captured by heroic members of the public after police were caught flat-footed. The degenerate had killed a woman on Clarence Street before wounding another with his 20-30cm blade at Hotel CBD Sydney not far away.

Video captured the moment the man found himself cornered at an intersection with multiple men corralling him away from other Sydneysiders. The dead-beat than legged it down Clarence Street with a number of men in pursuit, before turning right at Barrack Street where he was finally captured before making it to busy George Street.

Fishpond 604x90

Reports initially stated that ‘one’ woman had been stabbed, but slowly more detail has come through confirming that another woman had her throat cut by the perpetrator. Seven News reports have said the woman was found at an apartment on Clarence Street.

Though there are no official reports from #Mainstream Media regarding motive it is known that the man shouted the god is great (“Allahu Akbar”) slogan of Islam. But it seems highly likely the man was actually a mentally ill drug addict on a random rampage.

Audio from the degenerate’s capture allows us to hear one of the men at the scene saying, “He’s got a bottle of pills up there. He’s just swallowed a bottle of pills.

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