Chinese Nationalists Beat Up Hong Kong Democracy Supporters In Melbourne

Shocking scenes have erupted in Melbourne’s Swanston Street just hours ago as Communist Chinese Nationalists attacked a group of pro Hong Kong demonstrators. The violence comes off the back of pro democracy protestors in Hong Kong bearing the brunt of aggressive Chinese expansionist policies.

In Melbourne a group gathered in support of Hong Kong’s democratic freedom protestors at the State Library on Swanston Street. But soon things turned violent when a larger group carrying the red communist flags of China surged into the area. Estimates at this stage claim that the Communists had numbers double that of the Hong Kong democracy supporters.

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Things came to a head when the Hong Kong democracy supporters began chanting Free Hong Kong, Free Hong Kong. This was enough to inflame the aggressive Chinese whose behaviour mirrored that of their motherland. Punches were thrown and Melbourne’s limp wristed police had to intervene as the violence escalated.

Just what action local authorities in Melbourne take will be very interesting to see, particularly as the embarrassing State Premier Daniel Andrews signed up to the China’s Belt and Road Initiative – partnering with the dangerous Communist dictatorship.

Below is earlier footage where Chinese Communist bullies began chanting “One China! One China!”

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