WA: Stirling Highway To Have Name Change As Anthropologist And Aboriginals Take Offence

You are to endeavour by every possible means to open an intercourse with the natives and to conciliate their affections, enjoining all our subjects to live in amity and kindness with them. And if any of our subjects shall wantonly destroy them, or give them any unnecessary interruption in the exercise of their several occupations. It is our will and pleasure that you do cause such offenders to be brought to punishment according to the degree of the offence.

Another racist campaign is being launched to remove the name of “a (sic) old white guy” from the history of Australia. Western Australian anthropologist and Jewish language student Emily Egerton-Warburton says Governor Stirling (the first leader of Western Australia) led a massacre of aboriginal people in the early years of the nation and should have his name removed from the Stirling Highway. There are two problems, Stirling’s name is all over the state of Western Australia, and if involvement in group killing means your name should be wiped from history there is a suburb in New South Wales which will also need to have its name changed.

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Otherwise unheard of ‘anthropologist’ Emily Egerton-Warburton has delved ‘deep’ into Western Australian history to discover that aboriginals were killed by the early colonials. The local communist cites the ‘Pinjarra Massacre’ or ‘Battle of Pinjarra’  (1834) as reason for Stirling’s name to be removed from a main arterial road between Perth and Fremantle. Prior to Stirling leading a posse of 25 men into confrontation with the Swan River tribe, there had been a number of killings of the white settlers by racist aborigines.

The Battle of Pinjarra was one sided, as though the settlers were vastly outnumbered they had superior weaponry. The number of fatalities is debated, Australian Dictionary of Biography says 14 aboriginals were killed with one of the settlers killed also. Other sources quote numbers in excess of thirty.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 12.42.47 am
Captain James Stirling founder of the Swan River Colony which became Western Australia

So there is no denying that Stirling was involved in the killing of aborigines. Unsurprisingly though, the elitists and local communists fail to state what instigated such a tragic course of events. Yet again, exclusionist aborigines were partaking in random killings of the new arrivals. The issue has far-reaching consequences, for if authorities follow through, what other names would then be fair game? Should we review all the details of the lives of everyone who has a suburb or street named after them? And what warrants name removal? Can we also remove the names of aboriginals who committed atrocities?

Pemulwuy of the Bidjigal tribe in Sydney is now a celebrated figure of the left’s ‘new history’. The murderous bandit started his white killing career by spearing Governor Phillip’s gamekeeper John McIntyre in 1791. Infiltrated by communists the National Museum of Australia strays from the truth stating Pemulwuy, “. . . was involved in the mortal wounding of John McIntyre.” The tribal ‘clever man’ went on to cause havoc over the next decade killing settlers and destroying vital crops as the survival of the settlement hung in the balance. Shockingly the left doesn’t recognise the brutal nature of Pemulwuy’s actions – excusing it as simply the actions of a ‘clever man’ adhering to tribal law.

Back in modern day Western Australia the budding anthropologist Egerton-Warburton said it’s time to make a symbolic change and, “. . . There are lots of references to Stirling all over Perth, I don’t thing he’s going to be forgotten . . .” But her comments are categorically untrue. As it won’t be one change.  The push to exterminate Stirling from Australian history has been on in earnest in the west. A cursory search through WA press exposes a none to subtle mainstream media campaign to slur Stirling and other early colonialists. In 2017, City of Fremantle Councillor Sam Wainwright began pushing for the removal of a Stirling statue as he claims, architects of atrocities should not be seen in public places.

Make no mistake, this is yet another step in the re-writing of history to suit a leftist narrative that will eventually lead Australia to a point so extreme that white Australians will find themselves void of all rights. Think white South African farmers removed from their own lands. If new imaginings of historical events and hyperbolic claims of genocide are allowed to flourish it won’t just be Stirling’s name removed from history.

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