Projecting Racism: A Channel Ten Initiative

Knowing a public backlash against the racist ban on climbing Ayers Rock is gaining traction, ‘The Project’ and its cast of virtue signallers and bigots put together a gushing fanboy piece that has exposed their own ignorance.

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The Project’s Ayers Rock story covered by Susie Youssef was not journalism, it was activism. But thats the mainstream media these days. To begin her piece, Youssef started by saying:

“At the end of October the climb of the rock will be banned. And because there’s always two sides to every story I thought I’d come down and take a look.”

AyersRockYoussefAs a result of that statement, I was expecting to hear a fair argument from both those who believe all Australians and tourists have a right to climb the rock, and those who believe the rock should be prohibited territory. But we did not get two sides of the story. We heard opinions from travellers to Ayers Rock as to why they did or did not climb the rock. Then the tailored interview with aboriginal park ranger Leroy Lester that was just so kiddie gloved that Youssef and the producers of the story could be compared to gushing groupies. As well as that, there was no educated opinion offered as to why the climb should remain open.

Instead we heard probably the most clear-cut example of racism provided on free to air television in my time. Without saying that he had a hatred of white Australians, park ranger Lester pretty well spelled it out. Asked, “What do you think about people climbing Uluru (Ayers Rock)?” he replied:

“Yeah I think that’s their, it’s in their genes. You know, that anglo-saxon way of conquer and divide sort of thing.”

On hearing this divisive rhetoric from the ‘traditional owner’ Lester, Youssef didn’t bat an eyelid, instead nodding her ignorant head in agreement.

Remembering that the definition of racism is (from Collins Dictionary): the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others.

So Leroy Lester revealed his racist colours as his comment that, ” . . . it’s in their genes . . . that anglo-saxon way of conquer and divide . . .” exposes that he believes anglo-saxon Australians have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors. Put simply, he has the racist belief that anglo-saxon Australians have a negative characteristic that sees them needing to conquer and divide. Moreover, he believes his own people are superior as they don’t conquer and divide. They – like the noble savage cliche – are one with nature.

Park ranger Leroy Lester with Susie Youssef filming Respect v Right racist report on Channel Ten’s The Project.

Additional to his overt racism is a less obvious but more ingrained racism. Consider the fact that the question posed to him was not ‘What do you think about anglo-saxon Australians climbing Uluru?’, it was actually, “What do you think about people climbing Uluru?” Instead of focusing on the cultural sensitivities that the local tribe allege are the reasons for banning people from climbing Uluru, Lester immediately targets anglo-saxon white Australians. His response indicates his hatred is visceral and dominates his psyche.

But if you’re not anglo-saxon and you’re feeling left out, don’t worry, The Project revealed the racist nickname that Lester and the local Anangu tribe have for tourists who flock to the rock. They’re called ‘mingas’. The meaning of this nickname is ants. So again if we refer to the definition of racism, park ranger Leroy Lester is a star performer. He labels everyone that comes to visit the rock as having the distinctive characteristics of an insect.


The icing on the cake was the post script. As the story titled Respect v Right rapped up and vision reverted to the Channel 10 studio, nobody said a peep about Lester’s racism. Sunday episode host Hamish McDonald complimented Youssef’s story saying, “Susie, Beautiful story,” before the pair went onto discuss fines for climbing Ayers Rock after the ban. In discussing the story and production Youssef mentioned how spiritual the region is, urging Australians to travel there but qualifying it with some vital advice, “. . . it’s so important to listen to the right people when you’re discovering that place,” i.e. only listen to the aboriginal people. All through this the usually opinionated matriarch Lisa Wilkinson sat silent.

Screenshot from The Project.

The mainstream media would dare not question the ban as the possibility of being labeled racist is enough to see them fleeing back to their safe spaces. But Marc Hendrickx offers an alternative opinion. Hendrickx has been telling of how Anangu elders as recent as the 1970s were happy to have tourists climbing Uluru. There are three locations at the rock that Anangu elders mentioned as being off limits, they were The Mens Initiation Cave, Warayuki and also the Ngaltawata Pole. Hendrickx has a link to an ABC interview (1975) with elder Toby Naninga in which he stipulates that all other places are free for tourists to explore. Hendrickx has also lobbied the Australian Human Rights Commission with a racial discrimination complaint against the Director of National Parks and the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Board of Management who have made the ban official, but AHRC simply fobbed him off claiming that there was, “. . . no reasonable prospects of the matter being settled by conciliation.” You can get the latest news on the rock climb ban from his blog page,

For the full racist report from Channel Ten’s The Project program click the link below. Respect v Right begins at 32mins:


  1. Park Ranger looks pretty White for full blooded Aborigine and I have noticed that most Aboriginal Activists are also of mixed Race…Perhaps the main reason of Mixed Race Activists are to enrich themselves at the expense of ALL Australians both Native Aboriginal and those of Other Cultural backgrounds???

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for reading Michael. Glad there are others out there that are aware of what is happening and the inequality being practised by those claiming to want the opposite. ‘Equality of outcome’ is different to ‘equality of opportunity’.


  3. As usual only white people are racist regardless of the blatant racism displayed by others. So the tax payer must continue to dig deeper and never question when enough is enough and why some people are more equal than others.


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