Aussie Expat Triggered By Epic Meme


Australian woman Anita Davison was walking the streets of Winchester in the U.S. recently when she was confronted by a most cunning five word meme. Local fiends in the Massachusetts town had posted cheaply made print-outs and taped them onto street signs with a message that read, “Islam Is RIGHT About Women.” After word got out about the print-outs it quickly became news on regional television stations as the Aussie fembot had immediately reacted to the triggering event by alerting her social media acquaintances.

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 9.53.41 am
Anita’s post to facebook acquaintances.

Fishpond 604x90

What became clear was that other women in the predominantly left-leaning town who were interviewed regarding the print-outs with much fear and trepidation also. But unfortunately none of the ladies were able to articulate just why it irked them. Anita the Aussie said, “It’s just upsetting. I just, didn’t like it [shrugging shoulders]. It’s not necessary to be up, and out in the street.” The cake stylist continued to struggled, “It’s either about women, it’s about islam, it’s about both [still shrugging shoulders], not really sure what point they were trying to make, but either way it was just [shrugging again] terrible.

Another more elderly female interviewee said, “That kind of sign is very upsetting, to anyone with either an islamic background [long pause] or for many women. I think its short sighted, I think its unfortunate, I don’t know that you’ve gained anything that you wanted.” Her didactic message an indicator that she is probably one of the many rabid leftists teaching western children.

Another of the discombobulated interviewees.

In vein the women interviewed tried to explain just what was so upsetting about the print-outs. The truth is that it was a meme that forced many idealistic lefty women to confront that maybe islam is not so good. Maybe being told who to marry in your early teens is not compatible with western culture, maybe the genital mutilation and the legal bashings of wives aren’t going to work out. “No!” the virtue signalling corps continue, “islam is good, women are good, islam is good, women are good.”

There is no saving these women or victims. Call them what you will, they saw two ideologies that they support in a face off on that print-out, and they just could not accept that if they were truly supportive of one of those ideologies they couldn’t be supportive of the other. The definition of cognitive dissonance.

Don’t just take my word for it. Tune into Black Pigeon Speaks’ video on the meme that sparked a triggering meltdown. Watch as the milieu of female interviewees crumble into fits of shoulder shrugging discombobulation.

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