Rabid Leftists Shattered After No Horses Die In 2019 Melbourne Cup

The man hating, anti-white, left side of Australian politics and culture were punting on another unfortunate incident involving the death of a horse on Melbourne Cup day, but they backed a loser, again.

A loud group of presumably unemployed, professional students from the Melbourne vicinity numbering around 25 were baying for equine blood. Fortunately, they didn’t get it. The anti-Australia activists were left disappointed, as they saw no blood or horse racing ‘atrocities’.


The weirdos assembled near the entry to Flemington Racecourse in order to get the attention of actual racegoers. The group were largely ignored, but intrepid alternative news reporter Avi Yemini of Tommy Robinson News got amongst the degenerates and recreational drug addicts.

Alternative news reporter Avi Yemini pressured by Victorian Police

As per usual the paid protestors were stand-offish and those that actually did speak were unable to present an articulate explanation of their position on horse racing. One ‘man’ (must be careful with my gender specific pronouns) provided a clear insight into the mind of the rabid anti-humanist left. Probed on whether he supported drug-sniffing dogs a hooded man holding an expensive, very well printed protest sign said, “I’m against walking dogs that help the blind.” Asked why, the dishevelled protestor said, “Because we’re breeding them into an existence they’re choosing not to do.” 

Reporter Yemini did a job of exposing the hypocrisy of most of his interviewees as many were unable to defend their calls for a total ban on horse racing. Most said, ‘Humans are forcing animals to do something they’re not consenting to’. Yemini quickly snookered the degenerates by asking if they had pets, and when they stated that they did, he was able to extract confessions from them that they actually forced their pets to do things without consent being given by the pet. However, the hooded dishevelled man took the leftist argument to another level. To deprive the blind of some level of independence – the level they achieve on account of seeing eye dogs – is cruel and depraved.

This is the left.

This is proof that they have a contempt and hatred of humanity.

POSTSCRIPT: In another sign that we’ve completely lost our way in the western world, Victorian Police officer Sergeant Ryan asked Mr Yemini to move on. The reporter was told, “You’re influencing the protestors negatively. So I’m asking you to move on.” The police sergeant later claimed that Yemini was “Going around interviewing people, and they don’t want to be interviewed.” A blatant lie or ignorance on Ryan’s hand. Nonetheless, it’s not surprising to Big Kooka as he knows that every public institution in Australia has been infiltrated by rabid leftists.

Avi Yemini interviewing a deranged old lady who sullied who pants.

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