Australia’s National Rugby League – the organisation behind the highest level rugby league competition in the world – has bowed to left wing ideologues and allowed for the racist Australian Indigenous v New Zealand Maori fixture to go ahead in 2020, and for players to disrespect every Australian that is not of so called Indigenous racial ethnicity.

Not only is the racist fixture being paid for by the NRL and its sponsors, but the NRL has acknowledged and supported the request by players that the national anthem of Australia is not played before the fixture.

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NRL is Racism. Boycott NRL and send the message ‘it’s ok to be white’.

The Australian National Anthem is always played before international or representative fixtures. Though the match is not an officially recognised ‘international fixture’, it is definitely a representative fixture, albeit race-based. Additionally the anthems were played last year, so somewhere, sometime in the last 12 months, the Australian National Anthem became too much to bear for the Indigenous. One day the NRL will look back upon these fixtures with shame.

Big Kooka has noted before that the deranged left are now using sport as a vehicle to spread their divisive message. Beware and if needs be, remove your children from any such sports that allow the ‘game’ to become infiltrated by ‘woke’ indoctrination. Boycott rugby league and boycott Harvey Norman the major sponsor of this racist event!

Latrell Mitchell in action for ex-club Roosters.


  1. Yes, Judy, the coloureds are the real racists and it is disgusting that they are given yet another vehicle to spew their venom at white people. They should get it through their thick racists heads that we, too, are Indigenous because we were born here. Most of them are only part Aboriginal so it okay to breed with whites and to take white benefits but they then disrespect others who help them so much. They all need to get the log off their shoulders, contribute positively to this wonderful country and make their children go to school so that their children can attain their full potential in life and rise above their racist parents’ attitudes. Like white children, they have the same capabilities but need education to develop fully so as to lead a rewarding life in our wonderful country, alongside all the other citizens, because we one Australia.

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  2. I hope there were more people who exercised their rights to NOT WATCH an NRL game that sanctions racism.Indigenous Australians AND non indigenous Australians are ALL Australians,and the Anthem begins with “Australians ALL let us rejoice”.The NRL HAVE LET ALL AUSTRALIANS DOWN BY BEING RACIST THEMSELVES……SHAME !SHAME! SHAME!

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    1. Yes NRL has let us down. Individuals like Laurie Daley have let us down also. I had a little more respect for him, but it seems the longer folks rub shoulders with members of the #mainstreammedia the sooner they become verified members of the woke brigade. Stay Strong and BOYCOTT NRL.

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