Extinction Rebellion Fail: Best Of The Breasts

A recent leftist protest in the UK had the opposite effect to that desired. It was International Women’s Day and a swathe of women of various ages and ilk turned out to protest against so-called ‘Climate Rape’ whilst topless.

Fishpond 604x90

Yeah, that’s right! Women. Women who were protesting against, “Women being the victims of violence as soon as a climate disaster happens,” sexualised themselves and the men of the worldwide web reacted with aplomb. Amongst the comments that directed hostility toward the irresponsible ‘ladies’ the simple theme was that, putting your breasts on show was not going to solve this imagined problem. It demonstrates that members of the radical left climate movement are more about degeneracy than anything natural.

Some of the most poignant and entertaining tweets are found below:

But there were some comments from women that provide hope to conservative western men. Some women did not support the girls getting them out.

In addition to the public backlash against the left wing loons exposing themselves, Big Kooka decided it was time to get busy on a video tribute to the protestors. Please enjoy this one-off tribute to the ‘ladies’ of Extinction Rebellion UK.

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