So They Said The Borders Were Closed

The mainstream media has told us the borders are closed. The borders are closed to all non citizens. When hearing and reading that, in my mind a picture appears. The picture is of empty airports and aeroplanes no longer flying into our international airports. But the mainstream media is lying to you.Fishpond 604x90

On 20th March the ABC reported that “Australia bans foreign travellers . . .”┬áThe report started with the comment, “Australia’s borders will close this evening, with only Australian citizens and residents allowed into the country.”

ABC Australia also has a headline that reads, “International Borders Closed”. The story comes from ABC Radio’s Patricia Karvelas. She opens her program with, “Hello there, Im Patricia Karvelas, this is RN Drive. The Prime Minister closes Australia’s borders to foreigners.”

Call me crazy but I am still seeing a lot of aircraft overhead and a cursory glance at airport websites tells me that there are still a multitude of international flights coming into Australia. Are all the passengers Australian citizens and permanent residents returning?

To be fair to the lying mainstream media, the Prime Minister is on record as saying, “A travel ban will be placed on all non residents, non Australian citizens coming to Australia.” This statement was given in a press conference on 19th March 2020. But to that question we must ask, What Defines A Travel Ban?

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