Will It Ever End?

Will we ever return to a state of normality? The COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ has gripped the world causing emotional and economic stress. When and if we return to a life resembling that which we experienced before, how will it have changed?

In the not too distant future you can expect the current strict living conditions to be reduced. But when the social distancing rules are relaxed, it’s likely that COVID-19 infection cases will spike again. In turn the government will require us to return to the social distancing laws of maintaining 1.5 metres distance between you and any other individual, the public won’t be able to gather in groups of more than two people unless it’s for work purposes, you won’t be allowed out of your home unless you are heading to the grocery store, getting your ‘once only’ daily exercise or heading to work, etc. etc.


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It’s not too difficult to visualise a cycle of repetitive ‘easing of restrictions’ that fail to totally kill the coronavirus, causing governments of the world to return to high level restrictions yet again. The frustrating on-off nature of living restrictions may then lead governments to impose strict new laws to finally rid us of the virus. A frustrated public will most likely agree with the ‘strict new laws’ as they will appear like the proverbial carrot waved in front of a rabbit. A promise of the return of freedom will be announced in partnership with the strict new laws but there will be caveats.

vaccinePicExpect to see a vaccine on the market soon. Now let’s assume the best of governments around the world and say that nothing harmful or sinister will be hidden in your injections (don’t even consider that they might have side effects for certain non compliant individuals). They will tell you the vaccine is not compulsory. But, don’t be surprised if they allow businesses to apply their own rules to the workplaces, i.e. your boss can demand that all employees in her workplace have the vaccination. Don’t be surprised if each nation develops its own vaccine and demands that all overseas entrants to their nation have the injection.

Expect to see and hear claims that the use of physical currency is causing for the frustrating re-emergence of the virus soon. As public frustration rises due to the regular clamp downs on freedom, we’re likely to acquiesce and allow our respective governments to impose draconian laws that ban the use of coins and notes as the ‘despicable virus’ lives and breeds on them. After this measure is put in place, don’t dream of ever beating the tax man, don’t dream of purchasing anything (firearm, book by anti-government dissident author) without big brother knowing exactly what you now possess. This will allow governments further power and accuracy in completing profiles of all individuals in their jurisdictions.

Elderly woman is harassed by drone in China amid virus outbreak.

And consider now the surveillance measures likely to be imposed to ‘give us back our freedom’. We laughed just a few months ago when we saw footage from a drone in China hovering over an elderly woman shouting commands, “You shouldn’t walk about without wearing a mask. You’d better go home, and don’t forget to wash your hands.” Now it is happening in Italy, as footage from RT emerged where a police controlled drone shouted, “Citizens, the current state of emergency requires us not to move from home unless absolutely necessary. Do not crowd the city and stay in your home. The message from the government when they roll out laws that allow for stricter airborne surveillance will be, “Don’t worry. If you’re not doing the wrong thing, you won’t be affected.” If you think this will not happen in Australia check out the ‘breakthrough’ development from the University of South Australia, where they’re about to begin production of a ‘pandemic drone’. The drone can detect heart-rate, body temperature and also interpret human actions such as sneezing or coughing.

It will end. We will emerge from this ‘pandemic’ in a world where our freedoms have been curtailed. Astonishingly, the public will have been conned into believing that new laws -which ban physical currency, allow super-surveillance levels and force individuals to take a vaccine or be constantly tracked via their mobile phones – are there to protect us.

Before agreeing to these draconian measures, please remember that laws are malleable. They change. So when they tell you that if you’re not breaking the law you don’t have to worry about surveillance cameras, consider that what is not a law now, could be tomorrow.

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